Code of Conduct

Our Goal

We want Eaze to be recognized as a safe and trustworthy platform that makes cannabis delivery convenient and enjoyable for everyone. In order to do that, here are our community guidelines and code of conduct that you must abide by to be a member of the Eaze platform.

Shared Code of Conduct

Interactions between customers and drivers are part of every delivery, so be good to one another. Here’s how:

Be physically and verbally respectful: We expect customers and drivers to be courteous and respectful with one another. Do not touch, hug or kiss anyone without their consent, or make suggestive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate comments.

Stay safe during delivery: While some customers or drivers may prefer the delivery interaction to be discrete, do not invite someone into your personal residence or vehicle.

Be aware of your surroundings: We want our customers and drivers to feel safe. Meet in well-lit areas at or near public streets at all times for deliveries. That means no dark alleys!

Communicate with peace of mind: We value the privacy of our customers and drivers, therefore sender/recipient phone numbers are always anonymized for SMS and calls. Do not ask a customer or driver to communicate through different methods such as messaging apps or social media platforms.

Let us know: If you have any concerns about a delivery, make sure to let us know right away at [email protected] or

Customer Code of Conduct

Underage or Impersonation: You must be at least 21 years of age to order on the Eaze platform. Any attempts to misrepresent your age or to impersonate another individual is a violation of community rules. Read more about orders and deliveries here.

Account Sharing: Creating an Eaze account for the purpose of sharing with another individual is not allowed. Read more about deliveries here.

Delivery Instructions: In most cases, your address will be sufficient for delivery. However, should you need to include additional instructions, do make them clear and simple that allows your driver to meet you at the door or lobby of the address you provide.

Prepare for Delivery: Once your order is placed, take note of your estimated time of arrival! Once your driver arrives, they can wait a maximum of five minutes before your order gets cancelled. Most importantly be ready to present a valid proof of id to your driver.

No-Show/Cancelled Attempts: We never want an order to be cancelled, but that will need to happen when you are not able to meet your driver, or do not have your id with you. This negatively impacts other customers and our dispensary partners. So please be prepared!