Card Present Payment Terms

Updated: October 11, 2019


Thank you for utilizing the in-person card payment feature (“Card Present Payment”) to complete your purchase from an independent, licensed cannabis retailer that utilizes the Eaze platform (“Retailer”). These policies, terms, and conditions (“Card Present Terms”) are an addendum to the Eaze Terms of Service (“Agreement”) and any other agreements incorporated by reference therein (collectively, the “Eaze Terms”). The Card Present Terms describe, govern, and apply to your usage of Card Present Payments on orders facilitated by Eaze. If you do not agree to the policies, terms, and conditions herein, you may utilize another payment method for your Eaze order, such as cash. Unless otherwise defined, capitalized terms herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

As detailed in the Eaze Terms, Card Present Payments are processed by a Payment Vendor that works with your Retailer. Card Present Payments occur entirely outside of the Eaze Platform, and the Payment Vendor does not have a direct relationship with Eaze for processing payments.

Transaction Process

By selecting the option for in-person card payments, you are letting your Retailer and Driver know that you have chosen to pay in person with a debit or ATM card via a mobile ATM terminal (“Terminal”) in the Driver’s possession. When the Driver arrives with your delivery they will ask you to swipe or scan your card in the Terminal, enter your PIN, and process a cashless withdrawal from the Terminal (a “Terminal Transaction”). You then redeem the amount of the Terminal Transaction — reflected in your paper or emailed receipt — for your purchase of Products.

Our PIN Debit terminals ONLY accept Debit Cards (we do NOT accept credit cards) and PIN is required for the transaction to be completed.

By selecting Card Present Payment on the Eaze Platform, by swiping or scanning your card in the Terminal, or by allowing the Driver to swipe or scan your card in the Reader you authorize the Payment Vendor to process the transaction via your payment card.


You acknowledge that your card will not be used to purchase cannabis, but will be used to process a cashless ATM withdrawal through the Payment Vendor which can be redeemed to purchase Products from the Retailer. Accordingly, your bank statement will reflect an ATM withdrawal from the Retailer, and not from Eaze. The exact descriptor on your statement may vary depending on your Retailer, the Payment Vendor they utilize, or your bank.

You acknowledge that in-person payment via card may be subject to the Transaction Process described above, and agree that your card may be charged $1 to $5 more than your order total, an amount you will receive as cash back from the driver. You acknowledge and agree that any cash you receive from the Driver may be used to provide a tip to the Driver, but this is not required and is entirely at your discretion.

You acknowledge that your bank may charge an out-of-network ATM fee to process the transaction and that neither Eaze, the Retailer, nor the Payment Vendor are responsible or liable for such fees.

You acknowledge that processing a Terminal Transaction requires a debit or ATM card using a PIN number. You should not attempt to use a credit card to process a Terminal Transaction. You acknowledge that if you process a Terminal Transaction with a credit card that is not tied to a checking account, you may be charged a cash advance fee by your credit card provider.

You acknowledge and agree that you must be the cardholder to process any card present transaction, and that your name must match the name on your government issued identification.

Troubleshooting and Refunds

In some cases, the Terminal may experience problems processing the transaction due to technical issues or issues with cellular service. In some cases, these issues may require your Driver to call the Retailer for assistance, or for the order to be cancelled.

All Terminal Transactions are non-refundable and sales for Products are final. In the event you are charged the incorrect amount, are charged for product you did not receive, or did not receive the correct cash back from the Driver, you may contact Customer Support. Please note that all refunds or credits are subject to the Agreement and the Eaze Terms.