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Access market and consumer insights, control your brand message, and become the leading product in your category

Grow Your Medical Marijuana Brand with Eaze

Gain Insights

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Know cannabis consumers like never before

Launch products at scale to thousands of consumers

Access data about consumption habits, consumer preferences, category trends and market share

Get quantitative and qualitative feedback to improve your product strategy

Engage & Educate

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Run targeted surveys to specific audiences based on age, location, or preferences

Tailor messaging directly to highly engaged consumers and educate them on your products

Launch new products at scale in seconds 

Get direct feedback from the audience that matters the most

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Success Story

Eaze helps us understand our customers and increase our footprint in California
- Mike R., CEO @ Bloom Farms

Sales Bloom for Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms is a medical cannabis company on a mission to bring safe and enjoyable medicine to patients. Their goal was to get their suite of premium vaporizer products in front of as many California patients as possible. They were also looking to launch a line of Single Origin cartridges, including Blueberry Haze and Sour Diesel, in a way that allowed them to control the product messaging.

Eaze helped Bloom Farms educate hundreds of thousands of patients about their new products, and gain insight into their consumption habits and purchase behaviors.

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