CBD:THC Ratio - What Does the Ratio Mean? (Infographic)

Use this infographic to choose the best CBD:THC ratio for your treatment.

How to choose a CBD:THC ratio

Did you know that someCBD:THC ratios are better suited for certain illnesses than others? This relatively recent discovery has led brands to begin manufacturing products with a very specific CBD:THC ratio. For example, some STATE cartridges are better suited for pain, while others are better suited for appetite stimulation.

We've gone ahead and created this infographic to help you choose the best CBD:THC ratio for your treatment. So the next time you see a a ratio on your favorite flower, concentrate, or edible you'll be able to pick the perfect dosefor you.

If you're interested potentially using CBD oil, edibles or any other cannabidiol-based product as a treatment option, we highly recommend consulting a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana, as they'll be able to provide you with the best treatment options for your specific needs and medical history.

CBD:THC ratio infographic

Image of an infographic explaining (CBD:THC ratio) what the ratio between CBD and THC mean regarding marijuana products.

Please note: the reviews and opinions expressed in this article are not intended to serve as medical advice, but are suggestions made by dispensary patients using the Eaze platform. For medical advice regarding cannabis, please consult with a licensed physician.

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