Reefer Madness Sweepstakes
High on Love: Valentine’s Day Edibles that say ‘I Love You’
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Reefer Madness Sweepstakes

Vote on your top strains for a chance to win $100 in Eaze credits! Another March, another round of Reefer Madness. This year, we’re taking it to Twitter where 16 of the most popular strains will go into strain-to-strain matchups to determine which strain will reign supreme in 2023. Not only that, but ONE lucky winner […]

THC Cocktails You’re Bound to Love – Tincture Edition

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or prepping for a night in, these cocktails are sure to elevate bar hopping with your friends or upgrade your movie night. Here are three THC cocktails you’re bound to love: Watermelon Sugar High Harry Styles knows best. Come enjoy that Watermelon Sugar High: Ingredients: 1 cup […]

High on Love: Valentine’s Day Edibles that say ‘I Love You’

Who are we kidding – we ALL love receiving gifts. Especially when they’re from the people we love and when they come in cannabis form. This holiday treat yo’self and gift your lovies with Valentine’s Day edibles that say “I love you.” Check out our top 6 Valentine’s Day Edibles: Valentine’s Day Edible #1: Punch Edibles […]

THC Desserts to Crush on This Valentine’s Day

While treating your partner to flower and chocolates is practically part of the stoner V-Day handbook, there’s nothing that says ‘’Juana be my Valentine?’ more than home-baked THC desserts. Elevate the holiday or end the evening of love with one of these decadent THC desserts that are sure to close your (and your s/o’s) day […]

Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes

It’s officially the szn of X’s and blowing O’s 💨 and we want to spread the love with cupids request of giving two lovely winners $150 in Eaze credits. Check out our Instagram for instructions and a chance to score big! Official rules below. OFFICIAL RULES NO PURCHASE OF ANY KIND NECESSARY TO ENTER OR […]

Top Weed Strains of February: Cannabis You’ll Love

We love love – especially when it comes to our cannabis connoisseurs highlighting which strains they’re crushing on. If you’re looking for some inspiration on which strain to try, you’re in luck. We rounded up Eaze’s top weed strains of February according to our canna-lovers: Check out the top weed strain of February below: Bubble […]

Fall in Love with Everyday Rx Sweet Tarts

Struck by Cupid – We just found your perfect match: Everyday RX Sweet Tarts! This February, fill your days of X’s and O’s with Everyday Rx Sweet Tarts. These cannabis treats are vegan, gluten-free, confectionary-quality edibles tailored to fit your day and crafted to always be reliable and delicious. Sublingual and discreet, these 5mg tarts […]

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis Strains: What’s the Difference?

Ever wonder why the effects of Indica vs Sativa cannabis strains can be so different? It’s because they’re actually different subspecies of the cannabis plant. Cannabis strains are split into three classifying groups: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The Basics of Indica vs Sativa Cannabis Strains  In the most understanding of terms, Indicas tend to leave […]

Three Top THC Drinks for Dry January

Dry January doesn’t have to be consumed solely with water and soda. There are endless amounts of recipes for mocktails and THC drinks that not only will make your month fun, but hangover-free as well! Check out the THC drinks that we’ll be sippin’ on during Dry January: 420 Highball Ingredients 2-3 strawberry slices 2 […]

Vape Pen 101 Guide: Your Go-To for all Vape Questions

Welcome to your Vape Pen 101 Guide! Love pre-rolls, bong rips and dabs, but are looking to explore the world of vape pens? Let us walk you through all the amazing things you need to know about your first-time vape experience with our Vape Pen 101 Guide! While there are endless options when choosing how […]

Cannabis Edibles: How To Maximize Your Edibles Experience

If you vape or smoke cannabis, you know that you feel the effects right away. But when it comes to cannabis edibles, it tends to get more complicated. Why? Well, your body needs time to digest, metabolize and absorb the THC. Depending on your weight, metabolic rate, and other factors, you may feel the effects […]

Cannabis Products to Help You Survive Dry January

January 2023 is officially here, so you know what that means. Now that it’s the new year everyone is hopping on their new year’s resolutions. Lots of people are kicking off the year with the typical wellness goals: getting back in the gym, eating healthier, or undertaking the short-term resolution of kicking alcohol to the […]

Cannabis Gifts That’ll Make Dry January Lit

Elevate your friends Dry January with fire cannabis gifts that are perfect for enjoying alone or sharing with others. If you’re anything like us, we love getting lit all year round, especially when trying to hop on the non-drinking trend. So, in light of the season of sobering up, we thought we’d share with you […]

The Top Weed Strains of December

Who’s ready for the Cannabis Wrapped of 2022?! It’s been hell-of-a year filled with smoking new strains & indulging in delicious edibles. Thanks to you all, we’re celebrating all things merry & bright with by taking a look at the most popular strains of the month. Check out Eaze’s top weed strain of December below: […]