Your Guide to the Best Women-Owned Brands in Cannabis

Taylor Engle
Mar 2, 2021

Women’s History Month is a time to honor the amazing, powerful, intelligent women of past, present, and future. More than many older industries, the legal cannabis industry is full of outstanding women creating exceptional and exciting products for cannabis consumers. For the month of March, show your support by trying the women-owned brands on our menu.

From edibles to topicals to concentrate and good old-fashioned flower, these influential women have highly calculated every aspect of cannabis for customers, and you’re guaranteed to keep coming back for more–while also helping close that gender gap. A number of women-owned brands on our menu are also trailblazers on our social equity menu. Here are all of the brands to watch for, this month and always:


Born in Los Angeles and focused on the cannabis culture and lifestyle as a whole, this women-owned brand is known for honestly-grown flower and elite concentrate that packs a punch.

In honor of Women’s History Month, try their limited edition all-in-one, Piña DayDream. This vape was made specifically to honor and support the work of the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit focused on reform and expungement for those who have been wrongfully locked up for cannabis use. Aside from allowing you to give back, this all-in-one will have you feeling liberated and euphoric all day long.


BIKO is a Black, women-owned, social equity brand based in Los Angeles and headed up by Timeka Drew. The brand is committed to diversity within the industry and building community, specifically geared towards those who’ve been negatively impacted by racist, anti-cannabis laws. Their Juseyo Diamonds pre-roll is the perfect midday pick-me-up for energy and a boost of creativity.


Besito is a women-owned, women-founded brand dedicated to reinvesting in the communities who have been negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. A portion of all their sales are contributed to Cannabis for Black Lives, a Black-led organization leading the work toward reparative justice and equity. They’re known for their adorable pre-rolls, perfect for sharing the love with a group of friends.

Sundae School

This Asian and women-owned brand is designed with the sharing experience in mind. Their hash-infused hash sativa infused party roll is packed with single-strain whole flower and premium hash to provide you with a full-spectrum smoke sesh. You’ll definitely feel invigorated, uplifted, and inspired.

Pure Beauty

As with most of these amazing women-owned brands, Pure Beauty dedicates much of their revenue and resources to social justice reform within the industry. For your next Eaze order, give their Mendo Breath strain for a powerful and balanced body high. All of their flower is carefully cultivated to avoid any harmful additives or toxins.


Founded by two Asian-American women who also happen to be best friends, Potli is all about the community and joy that goes hand in hand with the cannabis experience. Their infused chili oil is the perfect thing to spice up any meal. It’s packaged conveniently for a single serving, discrete and easy to take along to a dinner or birthday party. And if you’re into cooking or seasoning your takeout with Potli’s THC sriracha or chili oil, check out this hot n’ hazy chicken recipe, this perfect dumplings recipe, or this longevity noodles recipe.

Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections was conceptualized in 2010 when a cannabis-loving couple decided to combine their love for the plant with chocolate. They began by making bars in their kitchen, dosing each one perfectly for a full-body experience.

One part of the couple is Kristi Knoblich Palmer, a heavy hitter in the cannabis industry who also serves on our Momentum board.

Their Camino midnight blueberry gummies are the perfect combination of THC, CBN, relaxing terpenes, chamomile and lavender oils. Thank us after you have a great night’s sleep.


Nouera’s goal is to cultivate premium experiences with premium cannabis. Women-owned and based in San Francisco, this brand is founded around the concept of fulfilling mind, body, and soul. Nouera Smallz are the perfect pick-me-up to bring some extra ease to your day. Each pre-roll is the ideal size to support a smooth, functional, present high.


Founded by nationally-recognized cannabis scientist and product developer Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Dreamt was designed specifically for those who have issues falling asleep and staying asleep.

Their sleep tincture is essential for a good night’s sleep. If you are someone who suffers from insomnia, this elite combination of cannabinoids and natural sleep compounds will improve both your deep sleep and REM sleep, allowing you to rest, rise, and shine.


Kikoko was founded by two women with a passion for the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. Their infused teas are perfect for every mood: we recommend trying the Positivi-tea, which provides an uplifting balance of caffeine and cannabis (for those of you who love a good iced coffee and weed moment).

Om Edibles

Founded in 2008, Om Edibles is a women-owned cannabis brand based in the Bay Area that harnesses the restorative power of the plant. Treating cannabis as a superfood, Om infuses their products with great relief and relaxation in mind. Their Himalayan Kush epsom salt mineral soak is designed to soothe aches and promote relaxation. It’s mixed with magnesium, full-spectrum cannabis, all-natural moisturizing oils, and essential oils.

Dr. Norm’s

Dr. Norm’s edibles were founded by a sibling team in honor of their late parents. Their specialty is chocolate chip cookies that taste so good you won’t know there’s any weed in them. Their mini cookies pack a powerful punch–with 10mg of THC in each mini cookie, these aren’t for the weak.

Mad Lilly // S*SHOTS

Mad Lilly and S*SHOTS are two cannabis brands founded by an entrepreneur and mom trying to stay healthy within a busy and hectic lifestyle. Mad Lilly’s spritzers are a refreshing and hazy treat that allow your taste buds to bloom. The passion fruit mango 1:1 is reminiscent of your favorite beachside cocktail, with a perfect balance of CBD and THC instead of alcohol.

On the other hand, S*SHOTS are a much more compact and intense beverage. These cannabis-infused shots get straight to the good stuff, like the Lemon Crush S*SHOT. It is reminiscent of a crisp cup of lemonade, and packed with 100mg of THC. Proceed with caution.

Garden Society

One of the newest additions to our menu, Garden Society is here to break the stigma and completely redefine cannabis for women. Whether you devour their Chai Milk Chocolate edibles or take a blissful hit of their Calm Focus Rosette prerolls, you’re sure to fall in love with this brand the second you get your hands on it.

Punch Edibles

Co-founded by CFO Samantha Czubiak, Punch Edibles is well-known for their delicious, award-winning chocolates and gummies. However, the latest addition to their roster is their premium greenhouse-grown flower from Humboldt County. Their strain Sundae Driver is a smooth, creamy hybrid with gorgeous coloring and a mellow, calm high.

Licenses: 1. LEUNE CDPH-10002016, CDPH-10003808 2. Biko CDPH-10003275 3. Besito CDPH-10002594 4. CDPH-10002044 5. Pure Beauty C11-0001100-LIC 6. Potli CDPH-10002242 7. Kiva Confections CDPH-10002402 8. Dreamt CDPH-10003194 9. Kikoko C11-0000697-LIC 10. Om Edibles CDPH-10001131 11. Dr. Norm’s CDPH-10003615 12. Mad Lilly // S*SHOTS CDPH -10003710 13. Nouera C11-0001133-LIC

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