Taste of the Bay Area : Your Dining [Munchies] Guide to Inside Lands

Diana Gonimah
Aug 24, 2020

Whether you’re there for Elton John or Kehlani, one thing we can all agree on is food and cannabis are a match made in heaven as we tune into the Inside Lands virtual festival on August 28th & 29th.

Still daydreaming about that burrito you devoured during Hozier’s set at Outside Lands last year? Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any part of the experience–Inside Lands has partnered with some of the best restaurants in the Bay Area to bring you the takeout and delivery specials your heart desires.

Here’s how you can pair your Eaze delivery with an Inside Lands Combo from the Bay Area’s finest food vendors:

johnny doughnuts inside lands

1. Johnny Doughnuts + Leune Cloud Berry All-in-One

Calling all sweet-tooths to the stage! From August 20th to the 31st, Johnny Doughnuts is bringing the most popular doughnut flavors from Outside Lands to this year’s virtual festival.

Order the Inside Lands 6-pack of Apple Cake Doughnuts, Chocolate Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, Maple Old Fashioned and Vanilla Old Fashioned, available for delivery and pickup. As if you needed another reason, Johnny Doughnuts is donating 35% of all proceeds to Rock the Vote, a non-profit encouraging young people to vote.

While you wait for these delicious treats, make sure you have your LEUNE Cloud Berry all-in-one on deck. This slightly tart, massively berry-flavored vape will give you a well-balanced high while contrasting the indulgent sweetness of those doughnuts.

Not to mention that a picture of these delectable donuts next to Leune’s sleek vapes is straight out of our wildest Instagram fantasies.

little skillet inside lands

2. Little Skillet + Lakegrade Lemon Sour Diesel Prerolls

After a puff of Lakegrade’s lemon sour diesel preroll, Little Skillet’s Inside Lands combo will feel even more life-changing. Indulge your taste buds by pairing the delicious lemon-flavored, earthy finish of Lakegrade Sativa with a mouth-watering order of chicken and waffles from Little Skillet.

Watching Inside Lands with a quarantine bud? Little Skillet’s Inside Lands Picnic Box feeds 2-3 people and includes six pieces of fried chicken, a large mac-and-cheese, four waffles, a watermelon salad and chocolate chip cookies with a choice of a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. You’ll also get two limited edition chicken and waffle bandanas to use as napkins or to add to your growing mask collection.

sons addition inside lands

3. Son’s Addition + Island Tahoe Pie Flower

Flower and burgers go hand-in-hand, but really good flower and really good burgers give you a whole other level of blazed euphoria. Feed your munchies with this Inside Lands combo from Son’s Addition, featuring their to-die-for grass-fed burger with white cheddar, bacon-onion marmalade, iceberg lettuce, charred scallion aioli, hand-cut fries and a complimentary beer for $20.

Comfort food is even more comforting when you pair it with the most relaxing of strains–try Tahoe Pie from Island to bliss out with this potent indica, a cross between Grape Pie and Tahoe OG.

curry up now inside lands4. Curry Up Now + Heavy Hitters Pineapple Express Ultra 1-Gram Cartridge

Only a heavy hitter knows a power move when they see one. Curry Up Now’s Inside Lands special includes two burritos, two samosas, a 22oz beer and cookies. Self-described as “not your average Indian fare,” this fast-casual chain started out as a food truck eleven years ago and now boasts an extensive menu with unique twists on Indian street food.

Pair Curry Up Now’s flavorful tikka masala burrito and flaky, handmade samosas with the equally flavorful Pineapple Express Ultra 1-gram premium distillate cartridge from Heavy Hitters. This fruity, flavorful, tropical hybrid strain–with its biting, peppery, and woody undertones–will enhance your culinary experience while hitting you with waves of uplifting euphoria.

pinoy heritage inside lands

5. Pinoy Heritage + Kiva Wild Berry Camino Gummies

From the 20th to the 29th of August, contemporary Filipino popup Pinoy Heritage is offering three Inside Lands combos for pickup. You can get one of three limited-time combos: 1. The happy hour combo, with Sisig Fried Rice, Pork Lumpia, Smoked Ribs, Cake and a Jeepney cocktail, 2. The food-only combo, with Sisig Fried Rice and Pork Lumpia⁠, or 3. The food and cocktail combo, with Sisig Fried Rice, Pork Lumpia, and a Jeepney cocktail⁠.

While you wait for your delicious combo, get your munchies going and your palate ready for that savory goodness with a Wild Berry Camino gummy from Kiva. With notes of wild blackberry and fresh raspberries, these indica gummies are the sweet taste of dessert you need before the main course.

proposition chicken inside lands6. Proposition Chicken + Grapefruit Rosemary Cann

If your ideal Inside Lands meal combines both greens and fried chicken, then you’re all about that balanced buzz. Gear up for the virtual event of the year with a 6-pack of Grapefruit Rosemary Cann and order the Inside Lands combo from Proposition Chicken for six pieces of fried chicken, two biscuits, a small tomato-cucumber salad, and two sodas.

Whether you’re sticking to the classic or trying their gluten-free and vegetarian takes on fried chicken, a can of Grapefruit Rosemary Cann, microdosed at a 2:1 ratio of CBD-to-THC, will complement your hearty meal. Skip the hangover and go straight for the smiley, uplifted buzz all-festival long.

Get a head start on the festivities and start getting a Taste of the Bay Area. Shop your festival essentials on Eaze.com.

Licenses: 1. Leune, CDPH-10002016, CDPH-10003808, 2. Lakegrade, C11-0000003-LIC, 3. Cann, CDPH-10003710, 4. Island, CDPH-10003230, 5. Heavy Hitters, CDPH-10001352, 6. Kiva, CDPH-10002402

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