Your Cannabis Shopping Guide: Black-Owned Brands

Taylor Engle
Feb 3, 2021

A great way to show your support for change is by supporting Black-owned businesses, and Eaze has quite the variety of Black-owned brands to satisfy your every danky whim.

Black Americans have faced severe discrimination and injustice across all industries, and cannabis is no exception. From the way anti-cannabis laws are manipulated to target Black people to the lack of Black representation among cannabis brands and businesses, the cannabis industry requires a lot of systemic change.

One way change has started to occur is within the industry, where more and more Black business owners are making their mark, with the introduction of social equity programs and business incubators addressing the War on Drugs’ disproportionate effects on the BIPOC community. At Eaze, we are working to fulfill our responsibilities to the Social Equity and BIPOC cannabis community through our Momentum business accelerator, Social Equity Partners Program and Social Equity menu.

Here are some of the best brands Eaze has to offer, that also happen to be Black-owned:


Founded by Salvador Santana, son of Carlos (yes, that Carlos), VAYA aims to bring justice to those who have been disproportionately targeted by cannabis laws. Growing up in Southern California, Santana bore witness to the injustices throughout the industry and vowed to be a prominent advocate of the plant and its benefits. VAYA offers premium, organic, all-natural flower and concentrate grown in California and tailored for positive vibes and energy–like their Luna Roca, infused with THC and kief for a major impact.

Blaqstar Farms

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Blaqstar Farms is an indoor artisan grow that aims to cultivate clean, high-quality cannabis products–and man do they deliver. Free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, Blaqstar guarantees healthy, well-rounded dank crafted with passion and care. For a balanced high, try Blaqstar’s Mimosa.

Kingston Royal 

Leading with the motto “Inhale originality, exhale your reality,” Kingston Royal is paving the way for the most creative and artistic approach to cannabis yet. The brand was founded by Ron Brandon, a musician, artist, and former NFL and CFL football player who discovered the benefits of cannabis as a pain management alternative. Kingston Royal offers artisanal cannabis that respects originality–like this sweet and stress-melting indica-dominant strain.

New Life

If the name doesn’t give it away, New Life is dedicated to uplifting communities that have been negatively and unjustly affected by cannabis discriminatory laws: a fresh start, and a new way of celebrating the plant that so many of us know and love. Moving from a place of authenticity and courage, New Life offers high-quality cannabis you won’t want to miss out on.

SF Roots

SF Roots claims to love weed as much as they love San Francisco, and their product surely doesn’t disappoint. Farmed and harvested in Northern California, SF Roots is a cannabis company that is community-based before anything. Their flower envelopes you and transports you into the clouds, like their Gelata Pie, an indica-dominant hybrid designed to make you feel relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric.

James Henry

Also founded in San Francisco, James Henry creates the right products for the right occasions and right consumers. Combining medicinal science and quality innovation and care, James Henry aims to erase the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and bring it back to its roots as a medicinal, beneficial plant. Their strain Lemon Drip is especially innovative, ideal for socializing and having a nice, uplifting experience.

Cloud 9

Founded by lifelong Yoruba priest Degi Simmons, Cloud 9 approaches cannabis in a natural, ritualistic way. The brand believes cannabis has always been part of the narrative. Cloud9’s Animal Mints, a hybrid with a piney, earthy taste, delivers the energy boost you need to get s**t done.

Oakland Extracts

Finally, for the stoners who like to get saucy, Oakland Extracts is the brand for you. The brand was started with the San Francisco community in mind, with the aim to provide high-quality cannabis to BIPOC people who don’t have equal access. They’re most popularly-recognized for their Cookie Crumble wax, and all of their concentrates emphasize terpene enrichment and organic processes. Their hybrid Gar-Lato sugar will help to ease your tension and send you into a relaxed, euphoric state.


Biko is one of the newest brands on the cannabis scene at the moment is due to hit Eaze menus this month. The brand is family-owned, along with being Asian-owned, Black-owned, and woman-owned. Co-founder Timeka Drew’s passion for cannabis began with her harrowing battle with Crohn’s Disease. After realizing how much the plant eased her symptoms, she became an avid advocate, working in the medical cannabis industry for years before starting her own brand. Biko offers elite pre-rolls that are guaranteed to “lead the way” and encourage energy, relaxation, pain relief, and everything in between. You can now shop Biko prerolls directly on

Licenses: 1. VAYA C12-0000084-LIC 2. Blaqstar Farms C12-0000161-LIC 3. Kingston Royal C11-0001133-LIC 4. New Life C11-0000924-LIC 5. SF Roots C11-0001133-LIC 6. James Henry C12-0000172-LIC 7. Cloud 9 C12-0000084-LIC 8. Oakland Extracts CDPH-10002243 9. Biko, No. C11-0000532-LIC

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