Your 2021 Eaze Madness Tip-Off

Diana Gonimah
Feb 26, 2021

So you think you’re ready for March Madness? Maybe your bracket’s all set—both the one you awkwardly made with the coworkers you haven’t met in real life yet and the one you create every year with the good ol’ group chat. But what about your bracket with the ganja nerds?

To give you more ways to play this season, we’re introducing Eaze Madness—only our tournament tips-off and ends with dank.

Every Saturday throughout the month of March, you’ll get to decide what brand on our menu deserves the weed championship title. There are three ways you can vote on Game Days:

  • Your wallet: You can put your green behind the greens you love; each purchase you make from your favorite brand counts as two votes towards that brand.
  • On Instagram: Vote by responding to a 24-hour poll on Eaze’s Instagram Story.
  • Your Inbox: Vote by responding to the poll in your email from Eaze.

Winning brands will face off in a final (four) tournament and based on your votes, the champion will have an exclusive sale (PROMO) on Eaze. Are you ready to shoot your shot?

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