Women’s History Month Spotlight: Potli

Diana Gonimah
Mar 3, 2022

In honor of Women’s History Month 2022, we’re excited to spotlight the wonderful women behind some of your favorite brands on Eaze. Learn more about Felicity Chen, founder of Potli, in our latest interview:

felicity chen potli

What are you manifesting in 2022?

The past few years have been fun filled with chaos and I am manifesting in 2022 polish on what has been built.

What notable woman or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand? 

The spirit of Potli is fueled by the spirit of my mom (although I might add that she is very much alive and kicking). Mom immigrated from Taiwan to the US to drive delivery trucks to chinese restaurants for her father’s sauce and spice business. Today, she owns, operates and manages an entire warehouse of inventory from her forklift. Although mom always had underlying conditions of asthma, only after landing in America did she developed allergies that made her asthma even worse. And thus, my father harvested honey from our own backyard, filled with the hyperlocal pollens and antihistamines for my mother to consume plant powered medicine. She is an icon, and is powered by Potli to do the bad ass things she does on the daily.

Which one of your products, available on Eaze.com, would you suggest to new customers?

Dream Honey! Your health starts with your sleep. It’s also a perfect gift for a loved one (like mom or grandmom!).

Why should cannabis customers continue to support women-owned brands all year round?

Spend your dollars equitably starts by being incredibly intentional about what you purchase and supporting the small businesses when you can. Each dollars matters so much more to a women owned, minority owned, small business like Potli. It keeps our lights on and makes it such that we can continue to make rad products for you.

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