Women’s History Month Spotlight: Maya Elisabeth, Om Living

Diana Gonimah
Mar 1, 2022

In honor of Women’s History Month 2022, we’re excited to spotlight the wonderful women behind some of your favorite brands on Eaze. If you’ve ever treated yourself to a wonderful bath, then you’re probably familiar with Om Wellness, the makers of the iconic cannabis bath bombs on our menu. Learn more about founder Maya Elisabeth’s aspirations for Om in our latest interview:

om wellness

What are you manifesting in 2022? 

More self-care products that are fun and playful and powerful collaborations with other like-minded companies.

What notable woman or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand?

Brownie Mary

Which one of your products, available on Eaze.com, would you suggest to new customers?

Our 1:1 Epsom Salt and Rosin Bath Bombs as well as our Love Balm and Lion Balm!

Shop our wellness menu

Why should cannabis customers continue to support women-owned brands all year round?

It’s important to support women all year around because we deserve an equal seat at the table when it comes to participating in the cannabis market. Traditionally women have been responsible for the harvest and processing the harvest of cannabis which is also a female spirited plant. Many times women create the best products, at least the ones made for women.

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