Women’s History Month Spotlight: Lynsey Hicks, Co-founder, Weekenders

Diana Gonimah
Mar 15, 2022
WEEKENDERS does cannabis a little differently. With WEEKENDERS, high means elevated living–it’s a place where enhancement wins over intoxication. It’s a blissful shift in consciousness without losing control.
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In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re so excited to feature co-founder Lynsey Hicks. Check out our latest interview below to learn what Lynsey’s manifesting with her recent return from mat leave, her favorite Weekenders product, and where she draws inspiration.
  • What are you manifesting in 2022?

At the end of last year I had my first child, which, of course, had a huge and powerful impact on me. I’m at the tail end of maternity leave, and it’s been magical to cozy up with my daughter and share her first days. In 2022 I’m excited to continue to watch her grow and discover, but also to get back out into the world, to spend time with my community of people, and to share a WEEKENDERS pre-roll with someone outside of my household.

  • What notable woman or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand?

I’m from a cannabis growing community in Northern California so I’ve been surrounded by the plant ever since I can remember. With this, some of those who’ve most inspired me are the legacy women growers who took serious legal risks to establish beautiful, organic gardens that produced both medicine for their communities and an income for themselves. Though often they kept a low profile and many led double lives, their work as farmers allowed people to experience all of the benefits cannabis had to offer, and their ethos – nurturing the plant so the plant could nourish others – is really at the core of the WEEKENDERS brand. What’s better is that flowers from legacy farmers are the foundation of our products – and we feel extremely fortunate to share a pure flower high with our ever-expanding community.

  • Which one of your products, available on Eaze.com, would you suggest to new customers?

CHILL, definitely CHILL. Our CBD-dominant blend brings calm, creativity and relaxation. It’s mellow, euphoric, like a perfect reset to clear the head and enjoy the day, whatever that day may bring.

  • Why should cannabis customers continue to support women-owned brands all year round?

If you believe in equity, then you need to support the marginalized groups you’re trying to uplift not just during their namesake month, but always. With women-owned cannabis brands in particular, well, if you seek products that elevate, that heal, that make you feel better than you did before and do so while supporting causes you care about, it’s probably women behind brands. That’s just how we roll.

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