Women’s History Month Spotlight: Julie Mercer-Ingram, Proof

Diana Gonimah
Mar 11, 2022

In celebration of Women’s History Month, asked Proof founder Julie Mercer-Ingram what she’s manifesting this year.

Julie Mercer-Ingram, proof wellness, proof tinctures, women-owned

What are you manifesting in 2022?

In 2022, I’m manifesting more time with family and friends and some really good surf sessions.What notable woman or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand?  

Proof draws inspiration from the brave advocates and pioneers that have fought to legalize and normalize cannabis. The legendary California cannabis activist, Sudi “Pebbles” Trippet, who has worked for decades to legalize and destigmatize cannabis, is a major inspiration for Proof. Pebbles is so strong and inspiring – she even has a legal standard named after her!

Which one of your products, available on Eaze.com, would you suggest to new customers?

I love Proof’s 20:1 tincture for a big dose of CBD with very low THC. As an experienced consumer, I like to use the 20:1 for layering CBD with other THC products. Every time I smoke or take an edible, I layer on the 20:1 for an entourage effect boost to absorb more CBD. It’s great for cooking and making cocktails too!

Why should cannabis customers continue to support women-owned brands all year round?

Buying products from women-owned cannabis brands means you are supporting innovation and equality. Proof is a majority female operated company, so supporting us also means you are providing well-paid jobs for women.
proof wellness, eaze, tinctures, women-owned

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