From ‘Just Say No’ to cannabis CEO: Mary’s Nutritionals’ Lynn Honderd

Sandy Cohen
Mar 7, 2019
Just say ‘Never say never.’

Before starting a cannabis company, Lynn Honderd was squarely in the “Just Say No” camp.

“I was like Nancy Reagan’s poster child,” Honderd jokes.

With a background in finance, she originally saw the cannabis industry strictly as a business opportunity. It was 2013, and Honderd planned to position her company, Mary’s Medicinals, as “the adult in the room”: a professional, reliable enterprise that insisted on rigorous testing for purity and dosing.

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Once she got into the market, though, she saw the plant’s healing potential firsthand. Honderd immediately set about creating Mary’s Nutritionals, a division dedicated solely to CBD and its myriad applications.

[Photo courtesy of Lynn Honderd]

Groundbreaking technology.

Mary’s Nutritionals, now available on Eaze Wellness, launched in 2015 with a groundbreaking, genre-creating transdermal patch. The company’s scientists developed the award-winning technology that delivers pure, precisely dosed medicine directly into the bloodstream through the skin.

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Transdermal delivery allows for the greatest bio-availability, Honderd says, which means it takes less plant material to get more of the good stuff into your system.

“A 10-milligram transdermal delivery dose is equivalent to about an 80-milligram edible,” she says. “With transdermal application, we bypass first metabolism of the liver, we bypass stomach acids, we bypass all of those different breakdowns and go directly into the bloodstream, and that’s what makes it so effective from a very accurate and micro-dosed approach.”

Patented relief.

Mary’s took this technology a step further when it developed the now-patented Elite Transdermal Gel Pen, which provides even more measured, fast-acting relief than the sustained-release patches.

“We were one of the first to be awarded a patent for a cannabis product in the state,” Honderd says of the transdermal pen. “That product was developed out of a request for breakthrough pain relief and also for moms and dads who had little ones using our products and they just wanted to make sure they were getting a small dose.”

Click the image below to shop Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Gel Pen.

Mary’s Nutritionals’ line has grown to include a transdermal balm (Elite Compound), creams for alleviating muscle aches (Muscle Freeze) nourishing oils (Hemp-Infused Massage Oil) and stress-relieving tinctures (Mary’s Full-Spectrum CBD Remedy Oil).

Changing attitudes.

As an industry trailblazer — and initial naysayer — Honderd hasn’t just watched attitudes around cannabis (particularly CBD) change, she’s experienced it herself. She may have shed the “Just Say No” ideology years ago, but she still empathizes with skeptics who consider anything containing cannabis a drug.

“I was a naysayer because I just didn’t have the education to understand the benefits of it,” she says. “Now that I have that — and one of our four key pillars of what we do is educate — it’s so much easier for me to go out and say, ‘I understand where you’re coming from, and I understand as a mom why you’re concerned, but here’s how CBD can help … .’”

Not that she has to explain much anymore. Honderd has seen public interest and acceptance around CBD dramatically increase in the years since she established Mary’s Nutritionals.

“This journey has been fascinating because people’s mentality and thought process around it has changed drastically,” she says. “Five years ago, I was definitely shunned in the carpool community. And now these moms are coming up to me going, ‘What do you recommend?’”

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