Women in Cannabis

Taylor Engle
Aug 25, 2020

Evidence of cannabis use dates back to the B.C. years, so it should come as no surprise that women have been studying and utilizing the plant for just as long. From menstrual cramps to the pain of childbirth, cannabis is well-documented for its ability to work with a woman’s body. As cannabis blossomed into a full-blown global industry, women have finally found themselves with room for opportunity.

Used as a wedding-night aphrodisiac, menstrual pain reliever, and an ease to morning sickness, many influential women have lobbied for cannabis legalization over the years, including anthropologist Margaret Mead and poet Maya Angelou. Consequently, the cannabis industry has more women in leadership roles than any other industry.

Although women hold about 52% of all professional-level jobs in the U.S., they only make up 25% of leadership roles. However, the cannabis industry’s executive positions are 36% women, including the 63% of women in leadership roles at cannabis testing labs. From the beginnings of legalization, women have been at the forefront of the cannabis industry.

While the stereotypical “stoner” has often been painted as dazed, confused, and endlessly hungry, the women who continue to innovate the cannabis industry are far from this trope. Here are just a few of the industry’s women-owned brands that continue to defy the norm and provide us with safe and delicious greens for all ailments and occasions:


LEUNE is a California-based cannabis lifestyle brand. Founded by Nidhi Lucky Handa, the brand is marketed towards anyone who “knows that ‘getting high’ only begins to tell the story of what the plant truly represents.” They’re known for their standout flavor profiles, specifically designed to reflect the palette of their consumers. Try their Desert Gold all-in-one, a tropical sativa-heavy hybrid that will transport you right to the beach.

2. Mary’s Medicinals

Focusing more on the medical aspect of cannabis, Mary’s Medicinals aims to provide high-quality and effective cannabis products. Founded by Lynn Honderd, the brand emphasizes the healing powers of cannabis, which have been utilized by communities for thousands of years.

Mary’s Medicinals offers several products that center around cannabinoids like CBD and CBN, which have no psychoactive properties but plenty of health benefits. If you are experiencing issues with relaxation or appetite stimulation, pop their transdermal CBN patch in your next Eaze order. This award-winning patch will ease your troubles, without the “high.”

3. OM Edibles

OM Edibles has been treating cannabis as a “superfood” since they first formed in 2008. Founded by Maya Elisabeth in the Bay Area, OM has been at the forefront of cannabis holistic wellness. They believe in the respectful use of the plant’s resources to supplement a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and go by the motto: “If you can’t put it in your mouth, it doesn’t belong on your skin.”

Their array of oils, soaks, and balms are perfect for a self-care day centered around your favorite plant. Relax with their lavender epsom salt mineral soak, believed to relieve aches and elevate your mood without the psychoactive effects.

4. Kikoko

Kikoko, which was founded by Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin, makes cannabis teas that cater to women specifically. From insomnia to anxiety to libido to overall mood, their cannabis-infused herbal teas are rumored to make you feel your best. The brand also offers cannabis-infused edibles, sun-grown cannabis tinctures, infused manuka honey from New Zealand.

Interested in something sweet that will give you a light buzz? Add Kikoko’s BUZZ Honeyshot to your next order–this natural energy booster provides you with the nutrients from one serving of New Zealand manuka honey, and 10mg of THC for your buzz.

5. KIVA Confections

First formed in 2010 by Kristi Knoblich Palmer, KIVA Confections is a California-based brand that aims to redefine what a cannabis confection can be. From their artisanal chocolate-making methods to their inventive take on cannabis gummies, KIVA has dedicated their brand to crafting delicious, trustworthy, premium edibles you can feel good about eating.

The brand has paved the way for the cannabis-food infusion we see much more commonly today–back in 2010, edibles were few and far between, assuming you could find one you trusted enough to put in your mouth. KIVA has an insane amount of delicious edibles begging to be sampled, but kick off your new craving with one of their churro milk chocolate bars, a cinnamon-sugary delight that provides you with a relaxing experience.

6. Dr. Norm’s

Founded by brother-and-sister team Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson in honor of their father, the real “Dr. Norm,” the brand began as simply cookies. After seeing success, the team brought their recipe to the cannabis edibles market, with the hopes to deliver a tasty and reliable experience to consumers.

Melding the healing power of cannabis with their mother’s tried-and-true cookie recipes, Dr. Norm’s has won awards for their successfully-crafted edibles. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, or more inclined to CBD than THC, Dr. Norm’s has an option for you. Try their classic chocolate chip therapy cookies, which pack a punch behind the delicious combination of Heath Bar toffee bits and brown sugar.

Licenses: 1. LEUNE CDPH-10003808 2. Mary’s Medicinals CDPH-10003205 3. OM Edibles CDPH-10001131 4. Kikoko C11-0000697-LIC 5. KIVA Confections CDPH-10002402 6. Dr. Norm’s CDPH-10003615

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