OLD PAL | California’s cheapest flower. It’s your new best friend.

Sam Laird
May 21, 2018

Nostalgic, throwbacky, old-school. And that’s just the price.

In this futuristic age, medical and recreational cannabis users enjoy a stunning range of high-tech options. Topicals and edibles come in every shape and form. Vaporizers exist in nearly unfathomable variety. And that’s just scratching the surface.

For Old Pal, this is all well and good—but cannabis’ high-tech era also omits a certain something. There’s a feeling, an ethos, a shared experience that gets left behind.

That thing is the communal experience of smoking.

Sharing a joint, a bowl, an experience that follows. That encapsulates Old Pal’s old-school philosophy. But the brand’s throwback look and purpose aren’t the only thing that will make you think you’ve stepped into a De Palma film.

Party like it’s 2018. Pay like it’s 1979.

You are reading this right: $15 eighths make Old Pal the most affordable legal cannabis in California.

Don’t assume a low price-point means you’re toking on some trampled-over ditch-weed, though. Old Pal says the secret to $15 eighths is exceedingly simple: Work with longtime partners to keep the margins as close to zero as they can.

In short: Old Pal prices are small but it’s not a small-time operation. For branding and creative help, Old Pal partnered with Land, an Austin-based firm that’s worked with companies including Stumptown Coffee, Fender and Patagonia.

The biggest buzz for your buck.

Old Pal’s sourcing is legit, too: All the flower it provides to consumers is naturally grown in Humboldt County by farmers with whom Old Pal’s founders have collaborated for years.

Amid the cannabis industry’s pace of growth and change, Old Pal’s partners wanted in part to give these old-school growers an outlet for their product after recreational legalization in California radically altered the the state’s cannabis landscape.

These are fast times indeed for cannabis consumers, but Old Pal’s ethos shows that sometimes it’s worth taking a moment to pause and look back.

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California license M11-18-0000226-TEMP]

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