WILLIE’S RESERVE | Exclusively on Eaze: Outlaw oil from the OG himself

Eaze Team
Nov 3, 2018

[Editor’s note: this product promotion is now closed; Willie’s Reserve Outlaw OG is no longer available.]


Don’t cross him, don’t boss him.

Willie Nelson never let the law get in the way of what was right. Through decades of cannabis prohibition, he stood his ground. Wilie doesn’t just have an outlaw name – the Red-Headed Stranger – the man has lived the life.

Now, this weekend only, lucky Eaze customers in central Los Angeles (in and around downtown) can have this extremely limited-edition vaporizer complete set from Willie’s Reserve. Your order includes a reusable Willie’s Reserve-branded 510-thread battery and a half-gram cartridge of Outlaw OG, delivered to your door in about an hour.

If you can see the product image immediately below, then hey – you’ve found yourself in the right place at the right time, friend.

From a partnership between Eaze, Willie’s Reserve and Gold Drop, Outlaw OG is an OG Kush-derived oil created to celebrate the Outlaw Music Festival, which ended its 18-city nationwide tour last month at the Hollywood Bowl.

Before the show, Eaze Chief Cannabis Evangelist Jason Pinsky personally hand-delivered a sample of Outlaw OG to the man himself.

Jason Pinsky, left, Chief Cannabis Evangelist at Eaze, with the OG outlaw himself.
Jason Pinsky, left, Chief Cannabis Evangelist at Eaze, with the OG outlaw himself.

“Dude, it was me, Willie Nelson and Johnny Knoxville on (Willie’s) bus,” Pinsky said. “I said to Willie, I said ‘Young man, thank you for your contribution to the cause.'”

Whatever else happened on that bus will forever remain the stuff of outlaw legend. But a well-placed source confirms that Willie enjoyed the moment.

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