Why We Celebrate 420: Famous Theories with Eaze Delivery

Eaze Team
Apr 10, 2023

Who’s ready to celebrate 420?

We get it, you smoke weed everyday at 4:20pm – not just on the day 4/20 itself. While we support your stoner-like ways of life, we wanted to drop some 420 knowledge on you before the dopest day of the year arrives:

Celebrate 420: Eaze astronaut with smoke

Why do we celebrate 420?

As most of us know, the cannabis community celebrates 420 on April 20th as the day of recognition for the marijuana plant itself. While the true origins of this annual celebration are up in the clouds, there are a few theories (whether you choose to believe or not) as to why 420 has become a significant date for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide:

Theory 1:

The more common theory is that 4/20 originated as a police code for “Marijuana Smoking in Progress.” However, this theory has been debunked by cannabis connoisseurs and fact-checkers – but a theory is a theory.

Theory 2:

Another theory suggests that 4/20 is the birthday of the infamous musician Bob Marley, who is of course, widely known for his support of cannabis legalization. However, there is no evidence to truly support this theory either.

Theory 3:

The most iconic theory is that 4/20 originated in the early 1970’s when a group of high school students in California, known as the “Waldos”, would link up everyday at 4:20pm for a smoke sesh. Everyone thought their code word was so dope, it eventually became the OG code word for cannabis consumption.

Regardless of the theory you believe, April 20th is the official day of cannabis & a time where you can celebrate with friends and Eaze. We will be offering fire deals on the dankest products so you can get Dazed and Confused all 420 long.

Are you ready to celebrate 420? Shop deals.

Celebrate 420: Eaze delivery UFO in space

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