Who Are the Founders of James Henry SF?

Diana Gonimah
Jun 18, 2021
In honor of PRIDE month, we sat down with James Victor and Henry Alston, the founders of luxe cannabis brand James Henry SF to learn what this month means to them as cannabis entrepreneurs. We’re also delighted to share that James Henry will be donating a portion of proceeds from PRIDE month to BLKCannaJoy, a social justice lifestyle collective, supporting holistic rehabilitation for black people through community based projects. Get to know the founders in our latest interview:
james victor founder of james henry sf
James Victor, CEO of James Henry SF
What does Pride and cannabis mean to you and your company/organization?
James Victor (JV): Pride is an expression of acceptance of people choosing to love outside of the biblical term of love. This has cause a major division in our society where people felt ostracized. Cannabis is the one medicine that brings people together. Cannabis allows us to go deeper with in and connect from a spiritual level. It allows us to transcend past social constructs and pre made boxes of whats right and wrong.

Henry Alston (HA): It’s deep, particularly when I talk about how cannabis is a catalyst for conversation and community. No matter the range of orientation, backgrounds, beliefs, etc, I’ve witnessed cannabis bring people together and unite to enjoy the herb of the earth. And so at James Henry, our artwork resonates to show the art of conversation and community with one of the birds turned speaking to the other as they are encompassed by a gold halo to represent the community of the world.

henry alston founder of james henry sf
Henry Alston, Co-Founder and COO, James Henry SF
The LGBTQ+ community are longtime cannabis advocates for many reason, with the HIV/AIDS crisis and compassionate cannabis being paramount. How and/or why are you continuing that tradition?
JV: The main purpose God created cannabis is to heal us from within. Its our mission to spread the wisdom and science of the medicinal properties of cannabis.

HA: Surprising enough, there are many consumers that don’t know that history about cannabis outside of the Bay Area. The Castro was considered a Ground Zero for the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis and there are survivors who share those stories in the Bay Area today. In celebration of Dennis Peron, Brownie Mary, Terrence Allen, Wayne Goodman, and many others who were beacons during that time, our brand participates in sponsoring and maintaining a presence at LGBTQ+ events in addition to providing an affordable product and donating to compassion programs such as BlkCannaJoy.

What are your top 3 go-to, Queer-centric tv show? 
JV: P-Valley, Noah’s Arc, Punks (Follow anything created by the amazing Patrick-Ian Polk)

HA: Noah’s Arc, P-Valley, and RuPaul’s Drag Race

It’s the weekend, you are at a club, what song makes you rush to the dance floor? 
JV: Biggie-Juicy, Lil Baby- Real As It Gets, Polo G-Martin & G

HA: ANYTHING STUDIO 54’ISH. I luv Soul Disco and the 70’s.

What LGBTQ+ person (past or present) would you love to sesh with? 
JV: Patrick-Ian Polk, and James Baldwin

HA: Dennis Peron, would love to just hear where his mind was while braving the original cannabis wilds.

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