What’s New At Eaze?

Taylor Engle
Jul 28, 2021

It’s every cannabis consumer’s favorite time yet again: new products are available for delivery on Eaze! Time to stop googling “where to buy THC” and look no further than Eaze cannabis delivery – we’ve got all of your favorite products, along with several fresh bangers for you to try and add to your arsenal.

Whether you like to order edibles, flower, prerolls, or oil, Eaze has you covered from every cannabis-infused angle. Here are some of the hottest new products on the market, for every type of cannabis connoisseur:

1. Balanced Los Angeles POW!

Balanced Los Angeles is so much more than a cannabis brand – it’s a lifestyle. The company caters to creative individuals looking to make a positive change in their communities, and they do so with some amazing, energetic, euphoric flower.

Their strain POW! is a sativa-leaning hybrid designed for ultimate creativity and innovation. You’ll experience a burst of energy, a sense of calm, and relief from all of your worries.

2. Country Good Neighbor Preroll Six-Pack

Country Cannabis is relatively new to the industry, and although its concept is somewhat foreign, it’s necessary for a well-balanced market. Country Cannabis was founded with the intent to provide consumers with a productive option.

Each strain and/or product is designed to keep you feeling motivated, focused, and inspired to complete whatever tasks you have at hand. Give their Good Neighbor preroll six-pack a try: this balanced, high-CBD blend of Jack Herer and AC/DC is perfect for getting things done.

3. Kurvana Sunset Tea AIO 2:1 CBD:THC

Kurvana is the cannabis company that creates high-end, high-quality products, and their latest all-in-ones is definitely a testament to that intent.

The Sunset Tea 2:1 CBD:THC all-in-one is ideal for anyone who prefers the calm of CBD to the high of THC, but doesn’t like to rule anything out completely. A pure indica, this product is infused with lavender blossoms and chamomile, designed through and through to provide you with a relaxing, calm sensation.

4. Jetty Raspberry Kush Live Resin Preroll Infused 3-Pack

Every seasoned cannabis consumer knows about Jetty, the cannabis company designed to elevate your experience even higher.

True to their mission, Jetty recently came out with a new line of Live Resin Prerolls. This Raspberry Kush preroll combines the dank strain with some of Jetty’s famous Gelato UNREFINED Live Resin, which instantly amplifies any cannabis-infused experience.

5. Select Strawberry Lemonade THC Beverage Enhancer

Cannabis-infused beverage enhancers are all the rage in the edible world lately, and Select is the brand to beat.

This Strawberry Lemonade THC Beverage Enhancer is sweet, fast-acting, and powerful. With 150mg of THC, this product is not for the faint of heart. Simply add it to your favorite beverage and get ready to feel really, really good.

6. Luchador Cucumber Chili Lime Gummies

Finally, this new product from Luchador couldn’t possibly be more fitting for the summer season.

Nicknamed “El Picante,” these Cucumber Chili Lime Gummies will leave you with a fresh, fly kick. With an elite combination of spicy, fruity, and sweet, you’ll have a euphoric day ahead of you after consuming these 10mg THC gummies.

Licenses: 1. Balanced Los Angeles C12-0000145-LIC 2. Country CCL18-0000223 3. Kurvana CDPH-10003492 4. Jetty CDPH-10002243 5. Select CDPH-10001355 6. Luchador CDPH-10002798

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