Miss Grass: Weed For The Times

Taylor Engle
Jun 25, 2021

Even the most experienced cannabis consumer has a thing or two to learn about the plant and how it can be used to better our lives. Coined the “Goop of Cannabis,” California-based Miss Grass shows consumers exactly how to achieve a balanced high without any of the guesswork or uncertainty – especially for new users.

With weed closer to federal legalization than ever before, the industry is continuing to evolve, and brands are focusing more on education, awareness, and the culture behind cannabis. Miss Grass is one such brand, offering terpene-rich premium cannabis for “every occasion” – fast times, quiet times, all times.

“Through a trusted, education-led online magazine and signature products, we’re on a mission to help the world get good at weed,” said co-founder and CEO Kate Miller. “We educate on the history, culture, and science of the plant – all in the spirit of conscious consumption.”

miss grass

An industry that once existed in the shadows has suddenly become mainstream, which means many consumers are still in the dark about the plant’s benefits and how it should be utilized for the best results. Brands like Miss Grass aim to continue erasing the stigma and opening up the conversation.

“We create all of our products with our super-engaged community in mind,” Miller said. “They are high-functioning, modern canna-lovers who want products that will help them achieve certain effects.”

The idea for Miss Grass came to Miller in 2008, when she was working as a budtender while attending college in California.

Back in New Jersey, where she grew up, Miller’s brother was arrested and kicked out of high school for weed. Because of this, she was determined to rewrite the plant’s shameful narrative and spread awareness about its potential and benefits.

miss grass

Miller bought the missgrass.com URL in 2008, but it wasn’t until a decade had passed before she finally decided to bring her dream to life. After both experiencing cannabis firsthand and witnessing it transform the lives of so many medical patients, she was ready to spread the word.

Today, the brand carries a variety of products that cater to different results, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Their Fast Times flower is meant to uplift and inspire, perfect for socializing, moving, and creating. Quiet Times is soothing and calming – perfect for anyone who needs to chill and reconnect, while All Times is versatile: a balanced high designed to go with your flow.

“All of our flower comes from a family-run cultivator in Mendocino,” Miller said. “They’ve been growing for generations using sustainable practices. They started as a flower farm (not cannabis – actual flowers!), and you can really feel their love and appreciation for botanicals and how it extends to cannabis.”

In addition to the cannabis products, Miss Grass’ website offers a host of resources and information on cannabis consumption for newbies and seasoned smokers alike.

Miller’s concept that was born in 2008 remains true to the brand’s mission today: to make cannabis accessible through trusted education, to create products that meet the highest standard of excellence, and to build a community that welcomes and supports everyone – just as they are.

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