What is Eaze? And how does it help my local dispensary?

Eaze Team
Aug 2, 2018

It’s OK, everyone asks!

Whether you’re just hearing about Eaze for the first time, or have gotten dozens of deliveries from our platform, there’s always an element of mystery: How on earth do we get legal, licensed, tested cannabis delivered in a flash throughout major California cities?

And if you were ever feeling guilty about not shopping at your local dispensary, kiss those worries goodbye! Eaze partners with compliant dispensaries across the state–you’re still ordering from your local shop after all.

But how is that possible, you ask?

[SEE VIDEO: Watch Eaze thrill grateful ‘heads with Dead & Company miracle tickets]

It’s all explained in this handy video, “How Eaze Works.” It only takes a moment to watch.

Enjoy the moment!

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