What is CBN?

Taylor Engle
Sep 21, 2020

As cannabis legalization increases throughout the nation, so does the opportunity for more research on the beneficial plant. The past few years have been huge for cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is believed to have healing and wellness properties. But more recently, researchers have been looking into cannabinol (CBN), another prominent cannabinoid in the plant that seems to have a very important healing property that many users may benefit from: a good night’s sleep.

Much like CBD, CBN is a non-psychoactive compound that is found in the cannabis plant, but what really sets CBN apart is the fact that it can only exist in aged cannabis. While people don’t usually factor in “old” when shopping for their cannabis, the aging process of THC is what allows CBN to come to life, intensifying the “entourage effect” that many consumers enjoy.

While many believe CBN is the cannabinoid that aids sleeplessness and sleep deprivation, there hasn’t been enough research done on CBN to come to a definite conclusion. However, many researchers believe that it is actually the entourage effect of THC, CBD and CBN that does the trick. A study done by the National Library of Medicine concluded that CBN seems to work as a sedative only when partnered with THC.

Further research remains to be done on the effects of CBN, but there is no denying that many consumers are already reaping the benefits of this supposed cannabinoid-sleep-elixir. Brands like Mary’s Medicinals and PLUS have recently come out with their own CBN products. PLUS’s CBNRelief gummies contain a precise combination of THC, CBD, CBN, and melatonin, while Mary’s CBN capsules contain a high amount of CBN and a small dosage of THC.

Benefits of CBN

However you prefer to consume your CBN, there are several recognized benefits to the cannabinoid that go above and beyond a good night’s sleep:

  • Inflammation: You might already be familiar with CBD as a temporary anti-inflammatory solution. Turns out there is another cannabinoid in the plant family that seems to have anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for those with stiff joints/aches and pains.
  • Appetite stimulant: Cannabis in general has been widely recognized for its ability to work up an appetite, but it turns out that may be all thanks to CBN. While CBD tends to suppress appetite, some research suggests that CBN may be what stimulates it. This is ideal for anyone suffering from loss of appetite or recovering from treatments that may suppress an appetite. .
  • Occasional Pain relief: Research has also indicated that this novel cannabinoid may be effective in temporarily relieving minor aches and pains in users.

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