We’re having a Budsgiving and you’re invited!

Eaze Team
Nov 21, 2019

We’re counting down to Green Wednesday with daily deals.

With Thanksgiving around the corner and cannabis now something all the adults of the family can get in on, we figured it was time to take the concept of Budsgiving to the next level. To that end, Eaze has decided to throw a holiday shindig that gives back to the people for whom we’re most appreciative: you, our customers. We know. We know. We really should tell you that more, but hopefully the deals of the forthcoming week will help convey that gratefulness in ways words never could.

Few things bring people together like food and cannabis, so for the next seven days, we’ll be giving thanks to our product and retail partners who’ve served you and have been there for us through thick and thin as well as showing customers how they can best and most cost effectively incorporate pot into their potluck.

Sure, sneaking off to the garage with the cousins and cool uncle may have worked in the past, but maybe it’s time to make some new Thanksgiving cannabis traditions. Fortunately, you’ve got us here to help you out with that. Our goal is to make it so that by this time next year, “pass the greens” has taken on a whole new meaning at your house.

Bring something green to the Thanksgiving table.

To make sure your personal Budsgiving menu is up to snuff, you’d better pop by the Eaze site each day, starting tomorrow through Green Wednesday. We’ll be covering a wide variety of products and topics and these specials won’t last long, so it pays to check in often. The site isn’t the only spot you’ll want to visit. Those who go above and beyond and visit our various social media accounts will find an opportunity to win $100 in Eaze credits. If that doesn’t help elevate the party, we don’t know what will. So, check back here everyday and save the carefree relaxation and food comas for after you’ve secured the bag. You’ll be happy you did.

We’re so pumped to spend the holiday with you and look forward to expressing our gratitude with our version of greens. Don’t be shy! Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned stoner, there’s a seat at the Eaze table for everyone this year… even Grandma.

(CDPH-10002405; CDPH-10002356; C11-0000039-LIC; CDPH-10002402; CDPH-10002329; C11-0000922-LIC; C11-0000401-LIC; CDPH-10001880; C11-0000122-LIC)

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