We’re donating 5% of September proceeds to cannabis research

Eaze Team
Sep 10, 2018

Pain Awareness Month is underway. Eaze wants to help.

All September long, Eaze is donating 5% of proceeds to the groundbreaking research of Dr. Sue Sisley, the Arizona scientist conducting some of the first human clinical studies on cannabis for pain, PTSD, inflammation and more.

Eaze’s contribution will go toward Sisley’s research on cannabis for pain management supported by the Scottsdale-based Battlefield Foundation, which works with military veterans. The study is mid-completion, and is still seeking adult participants, both veterans and civilians alike.

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Dr. Sue Sisley [photo courtesy of Dr. Sisley]
Sisley is also nearing completion on a study focusing solely on U.S. military veterans, the first triple-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to determine whether cannabis can help returning soldiers cope with PTSD. That project, sponsored by MAPS, is wrapping up a trial of 76 patients. The footprint of that research will reach beyond PTSD: Among other things, the study is measuring the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, a response that’s never been quantified in human clinical trials.

But legitimate, detailed research takes constant funding. Your purchases this month will help get Dr. Sisley’s work with pain management across the finish line.

Eaze is honored to contribute to this important work during Pain Awareness Month.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the 5% would go toward Sisley’s PTSD research.

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