A Perfectly Balanced High with Weekenders

Diana Gonimah
Dec 28, 2021

WEEKENDERS does cannabis a little differently. A BIPOC-owned brand, WEEKENDERS’ pre-rolls use full buds, sustainably grown in the hills of Humboldt, California. The brand takes pride in making you feel better than you did before.

Weekenders are all natural, outdoor cannabis, formulated for an easy smoke. The brand meticulously blends uplifting THC flower with healing CBD to create a high that’s perfectly balanced for whatever the weekend has in store. 

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“We believe in enhancement over intoxication,” says WEEKENDERS CEO, Kahlil Lozoraitis.

“We are the only California pre-roll brand that blends CBD and THC flower to create joints of various potencies. We don’t chase THC percentages. We utilize the entourage effect to create balanced high for novices and seasoned stoners alike.”

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A BIPOC and women-owned and run company, WEEKENDERS was founded by four people with a mutual love of cannabis. Kahlil grew up in Worcester, MA and solidified his love for cannabis culture during a year abroad in Kingston, Jamaica. Since, he’s worked in branding and advertising, and for non-profits that support the preservation of small farms in the Northeast. He brings this love of craft agriculture, and a deep connection to cannabis culture to his leadership of Weekenders.

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