Weed Slang – Stoner Terms to Know

Eaze Team
Nov 28, 2023
When you’ve been in the stoner circle long enough, you definitely know your way around the weed slang. “Dank”, “Green Out” and “Scooby Snacks” are just a few terms that you’ve probably heard be puff, puff passed around. Now, if you’re new to the weed game and you hear a canna-seur tossing around some term that seems to be absolutely unheard of, we’re here to tall ya – it’s been heard of. Elevate your weed slang, and take some notes, because there are terms you’re gonna want to know as you begin to integrate yourself into the cannabis club:
Definition: The state of being super high, often resulting in a that ideal euphoric and relaxed feeling all of us stoners wish to feel after hitting the zaza.
Example: “Yo that joint got me crazy blazed, I couldn’t stop laughing and forgot what dimension I was in.”
Definition: Used to describe exceptionally high-quality, potent weed.
Example: “That weed we got from Eaze Delivery yesterday was hella dank. Let’s stock up on more for the weekend.”
Couch Lock:
Definition: The heavy, sedative feeling that makes you reluctant to leave the comfort of your seat or couch after getting stoned.
Example: “That Indica gave me some serious couch lock – I couldn’t get my a** off the couch for like 4 hours.”
Wake and Bake:
Definition: The act of lighting up shortly after getting out of bed (or in bed), to start the day on a high note.
Example: “I love a good wake and bake on lazy Sundays, or any day, really.”
Stoner’s Breakfast:
Definition: Similar to the act of ‘Wake and Bake’, this is a reference to the practice of smoking in the morning, as if it were a part of a nutritious breakfast – Don’t forget the Cereal Milk!
Example: “What’d you have for breakfast this morning?” “Oh you know, the OG stoner’s breakfast: coffee, my go-to prerolls from Eaze Delivery and some avocado toast.”
weed slang - marijuana
Definition: Pretty much a cannabis cigarette, typically rolled with rolling papers and filled with ground up flower. There are also joints that come infused with hash, live resin and/or coated with kief.
Example: “Aye yo, after work you tryna go smoke a joint? It’s been a hell-of-a day.”
Definition: Intense cravings for food, especially snacks, that often hit after getting baked.
Example: “I got the munchies so bad last night, I added skittles to my PB&J and I actually thought I could taste the rainbow.”
Definition: A secret or reserved supply of weed – usually hidden in a particular or special spot.
Example: “My mom found my weed last week and tossed it out – Luckily for me, she didn’t find my secret stash!”
Green Out:
Definition: The experience of getting so high that you start to feel nauseous, dizzy, and are overall in a state of discomfort. Green Out = Too High
Example: “Dude, I totally greened out last night, how bad was I?” “Well, to say the least – you passed out in the kitchen last night face first into your version of Buddy the Elf’s spaghetti masterpiece.”
Definition: Someone with a deep knowledge and appreciation for cannabis as a whole. Someone who devotes their time to diving into the blackhole of all things weed related.
Example: “Call me a canna-sseur, but I know a thing or two about Indicas, Sativas and what a Hybrid actually entails.” “Who invited this guy?”
Definition: Weed slang for marijuana.
Example: “Who secured the ganj from Eaze Delivery for tonight’s sesh?”
Definition: Smoking weed in an enclosed area to maximize the concentration of smoke.
Example: “We hotboxed the car so heavy last night there’s zero chance the smell is leaving the interior for at least a week and a half.”
Definition: The end of a smoked joint or blunt, often saved for later use (or…is eaten by the unhinged friend of the group).
Example: “Oh shiiiiiii- I just found a roach in my jacket pocket – time for a quick hit.”
Sativa Diva:
Definition: A name for someone who prefers to smoke Sativa strains for their energizing effects.
Example: “She was being such a Sativa Diva last night. Does she actually care about the effect differences between Strawberry Cough and Gary Payton?
weed slang - people smoking joint
Stealth Mode:
Definition: Consuming cannabis discreetly or in a way that avoids attracting attention.
Example: “Remember how in high school we had to lock in to stealth mode every time we wanted to smoke? Now we’re getting weed delivered – crazy times.”
Puff, Puff, Pass:
Definition: The unwritten rule of cannabis etiquette, emphasizing the importance of sharing the joint or blunt when in a smoke circle. (Please, don’t be THAT person…)
Example: “Hey, this isn’t a ‘puff, listen to a story, share your feedback, puff and then pass situation. It’s a puff, puff, pass and then dive into your conversational side quests. Thaaaanksssss!”
Definition: That dry, sticky feeling in the mouth that often leads to increased thirst or munchies.
Example: “I’ve got a serious case of cottonmouth rn; where’s the water at?”
Scooby Snacks:
Definition: Small bits of cannabis that may get sucked through the end of a joint or pipe, sometimes ending up in the mouth – Not the most ideal feeling.
Example: “UGH – I got a taste of the scooby snacks, AGAIN. Next week we’re taking a flower break and are hitting the dab rig.”
Now listen, please note there are several other weed slang terms to tap into. Luckily for you, we’ve got another list of slang terms coming to you soon, so you can come off as a true stoner, or dare we say, ‘canna-sseur’. In the meantime, if you’re looking for additional terms, be sure to reach over our Marijuana Terminology Guide blog.

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