Weed Delivery: How and Why You Should Tip Your Driver

Eaze Team
Apr 27, 2023

If you use Eaze Delivery, you’re aware that the popularity of online weed ordering and delivery has increased exponentially over the years. If you’re new to weed delivery, then welcome! Whether you’re a novice or a veteran to Eaze cannabis delivery, we here to shed light on our dedicated weed delivery drivers and the value of tipping them:

Why Should I Tip My Weed Delivery Driver?

While you have the option, tipping your weed delivery driver is the right thing to do. Why? Just like other services where you tip: at a bar, restaurant, the barber, your Uber driver, weed delivery shouldn’t be any different.

Our drivers travel near and far to have a delivery land safely to your location – regardless of the challenges and difficulties reaching your location may entail.

Deciding how much to tip weed delivery drivers can be difficult, but you should leave something as a token of your appreciation.

How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers

Deciding how much to tip weed delivery drivers can be a challenge, but you should leave something so your driver understands your appreciation.

Most people can agree that a tip between 15-20% is a good place to start – similar to tipping any service! Maybe you want to leave your driver a couple more bucks if the delivery destination was difficult, your driver went above and beyond to assist you through your order, or jumped through hoops to get your order safely to you.

Eaze Weed Delivery Driver

How to Get Eaze Weed Delivered to Your Door

Now that you know more about why you should tip your weed delivery driver, you may be curious as to how you see up your Eaze account to secure your first order:

Step One – Create an Eaze Account

Before placing your weed order, you’ll need to create an Eaze account. This can be done online or via the Eaze app. Eaze’s cannabis delivery app must be able to verify your ID before you can place an order. For this reason, you will be asked to upload your photo ID when creating your free account. PSA – It may take some time to verify your ID before you can secure your first purchase.

Step Two – Shop Strains & Brands on Eaze

Once your account is verified and active, it’s time to shop the goods. Like any other online delivery service, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Eaze’s strains, products and accessories. PLEASE NOTE: There can be limits on your purchase depending on where you live. For example, in California, a single cannabis purchase can not exceed 28 grams of whole flower – unless you have a state-issued Medical Marijuana card.

Step Three – Add Your Address and Schedule Your Eaze Delivery

Before securing the bag, you of course need to ensure your weed delivery address to correct. In states where cannabis is legal, the address doesn’t necessarily need to be your home address. You have the option to enter in your work address, the address of a family member, or even your friends address as long as you have a photo ID ready upon the weed delivery drivers arrival.

Step Four – Wait for Your Eaze Driver

Eaze cannabis delivery app works similarly to food delivery and ridesharing apps. After one of our drivers has been assigned your order, you’ll be able to follow them on the map. Feel free to chill outside while you wait to cut down on delivery time or to save our drivers time from having to find parking. Please be patient, your weed is on the way!

Step Five – Your Eaze order has arrived!

After your driver has arrived with your order, they’ll ask to verify your ID and hand you your bag of goodies! Your weed delivery driver may also need to take a picture of your package to prove that it’s been delivered. If you had a great experience with your Eaze delivery driver, please make sure you leave a tip.

Eaze Weed Delivery Driver

About Eaze Delivery:

Thank you for using Eaze! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our highly calculated fam. Here, we’ll share with you the ins and outs of when to expect when using Eaze Delivery:

When you go to order non-cash items through the Eaze app or eaze.com, you will have the option to leave a tip for our drivers! Tips are dispersed according to our existing payroll schedule, ensuring timely payment to all of our weed delivery drivers.

Tip totals are calculated based on the amount of your purchase total on your non-cash order. Once the driver successfully delivers your Eaze order, the tip amount is automatically guaranteed.

For cash orders, there is an option for you to enter a tip amount online, but we encourage you to tip your driver once they deliver your goods. While cash tips won’t show up in our weed delivery driver app, drivers can account for their own cash tips.

When it comes to taxes, we take care of the necessary tax withholding during the payroll process for non-cash orders. As for cash orders, drivers are responsible for their own tax reporting.

PLEASE NOTE: Tips are non-refundable, but we may consider store credit on a case-by-case basis. While tips won’t appear in the driver app, drivers can reach out to their depot manager to find out more about tips. By using our website, eaze.com, and the Eaze app to tip your driver, you’re helping support their hard work to providing top-notch service.

Ready to make your first Eaze order? Make an account.

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