Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas for Stoners

Taylor Engle
Feb 11, 2022

This year is all about manifesting a higher future for yourself, and that looks like getting in touch with your needs, what you want out of life, and how you can utilize cannabis to help achieve everything you want. And for Valentine’s Day, we’re honing in on the 6th and most powerful love language to bring those dreams to fruition: weed delivery.

Valentine’s Day is practically synonymous with a box of chocolates and as many heart-shaped items as you can get your hands on, but if your sweetie is a stoner, this is the year to finally gift them what they really want to see when they open that box.

For every way you like to be loved, Eaze has you covered. Whether you’re trying to express love to someone you care about or showering it on yourself, Valentine’s Day has never looked sweeter (or greener) than when your Eaze order is just five minutes away.

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your love life this year, for every type of relationship – and love language – under the sun:

Acts of Service: “I packed a bowl for you.”

If you best express and receive love through acts of service, the simple act of packing a bowl for your lover, your best friend, or yourself is worth a thousand words (or more).

This Valentine’s Day, rely on Eaze to put your love into action with Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake, the most inherently romantic strain on the market. The sweet, frosty indica blend is full of flavor and heavily relaxing, providing you with a full-body high to unwind with.

The perfect gift for someone after a long day, who would love nothing more than to melt into the couch side by side with their favorite fellow consumer.

Words of Affirmation: “Your Eaze order is five minutes away.”

Do you gain strength by hearing beautiful words of affirmation? Allow those words to be backed up by the sweetest action imaginable: your Eaze order, a mere five minutes away from your hands.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day, Biko’s Skunk #1 Juseyo Diamonds Infused Preroll is the luxurious gift you deserve, today and every day.

A classic cornerstone of cannabis genetics, this preroll will have you feeling energetically creative, stress-free, and totally relieved. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, angel.

Gift Giving: “I ordered all of your favorites in my latest Eaze haul.”

If you or your loved one respond best to gifts of the physical variety, focus less on the environment and more on the amount of products in your Eaze delivery shopping cart.

The key is to provide a variety of items they’re truly going to enjoy, but a fail-safe one to start with is Blaqstar Farms’ Sherb Octane, a dessert-like hybrid that’s perfect for an anytime smoke.

An elite blend of Sunset Sherbert and Octane, this eighth is flavorful, aromatic, and incredibly potent. Get ready to feel its effects, and don’t forget to flesh out your gift basket with your other Eaze favorites. Trust us – they all pair perfectly with Sherb.

Physical Touch: “A good high is like a great hug.”

Valentine’s Day is known for gift-giving with someone you really love, but it’s also the International Day of Getting Down. In order to amplify that physical touch experience, make sure to order ahead some of Om Edibles’ OM Love Balm, a silky blend of coconut oil, shea butter, calendula, and olive oil to inspire touch and play.

Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner (or two – we’re not here to judge), this infused balm is sure to take your sensual experience to the next level, allowing you to have the happiest of Valentine’s Days.

Quality Time: “I’m free all weekend to get high with you.”

Maybe you’re someone who’s perfectly content with just having someone by your side as you indulge in your favorite plant. If quality time is your love language, there’s no better way to spend it than with someone who loves to get high as much as you do.

S*SHOTS’ Watermelon Punch is made with a sweet and tangy blend of luscious watermelon and 100mg of glorious THC – a refreshing mocktail that is ideal for a weekend of quality time with your loved one(s).

Whether you’re having a Galentine’s Day party, a special date with your special someone, or some well-deserved alone time, this infused beverage is the perfect accompaniment to your love-filled long weekend.

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