EAZE EXCLUSIVE | Uncrate + Bloom Farms take vaping to the next level

Eaze Team
Aug 29, 2018

Open up an all-new cannabis vaporizing experience today.

Uncrate has collaborated with our brand partner Bloom Farms to create the Uncrate Highlighter Plus, a limited-edition cannabis oil vaporizer pen available now – exclusively on the Eaze platform.

This one-of-a-kind design features an all-new oil, too. Calaveras – named for the California county where it’s grown – is a proprietary blend that crosses the creativity and focus of Jack Herer with AC/DC, known for its high CBD content.

The resulting effect, per Uncrate:

“A perfect blend of restfulness and productive curiosity.”

If you’re in an Eaze delivery zone, we’ll have one to your door in about an hour, often less. (A limited number of orders will also receive a free print copy of the latest Uncrate magazine.)

And since the pen is coming from Uncrate and Bloom Farms, you know the hardware is next-level: The gunmetal surface houses a PVD-plated stainless steel enclosure and ceramic heating element to create a consistent, endlessly elegant draw.

The Calaveras, from Uncrate + Bloom Farms.

The 510-thread battery is USB-rechargeable and can be re-used once you’ve exhausted the disposable cartridge. Don’t worry, Bloom Farms will make more! And Bloom Farms donates one healthy meal to local food services with every sale, as they always have via the one-for-one initiative.

Order your Uncrate Highlighter Plus while supplies last!

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