Top Weed Strains to Enhance Sex Drive

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Aug 22, 2023
What’s love without weed strains to enhance sex drive? Not only does weed offer an array of therapeutic benefits, but also holds the potential to increase sex drive and elevate overall quality of life. Within this interplay lies a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and our body’s endocannabinoid system. The blend of cannabis chemical compounds and our body’s endocannabinoid system create biological magic that can contribute to release of tension, increase of euphoria, and of course enhanced intimacy.
The desire to incorporate weed into the bedroom has gained popularity due to its ability to induce relaxation and high-ten pleasure. Similar to the realm of intimacy, engaging with cannabis requires a sense of curiosity, playfulness, and a willingness to explore different options with your partner. Smoking a joint, or getting high any way for that matter, during intimate moments has evolved; today, the spectrum includes a range of options. Depending on accessibility to cannabis or marijuana products, alternatives like infused lubricants, massage oils, edibles, and specific strains are positioned to act as catalysts for enriching intimate connections.
In this article we will highlight some top weed strains that you can consume to improve sex drive, enrich intimate experiences and cultivate a more fulfilling journey in the bedroom for yourself, or with your partner. Let’s get the party started so you can secure your next Eaze Delivery!
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Sunset Sherbert

At the top of our list of weed strains to increase sex drive is Sunset Sherbet. Sunset Sherbet, aka “Sherbert,” “Sherbert OG,” “Sunset Sherbert,” and “Sherbet,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. This unique strain not only delivers robust full-body effects but also introduces a surge of cerebral vitality and a liberated state of mind (talk about getting euphoric in the sheets). Sunset Sherbet has gained attention for its potential to enhance sex drive and arousal, offering a dynamic dimension to intimate experiences.

Perfect for sex on the beach.

strains to enhance sex drive - sunset sherbet

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Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel can be highlighted as the one sexy strain that has substantial CBD content, contributing to the alleviation of tension and increase in relaxation. This makes it an impeccable choice for individuals whose bedroom experience might be hindered by lingering outside thoughts.

It’s also worth noting that the name “Sour Diesel” is fitting, as this strain exudes a distinctly strong, sour and chemically-infused aroma and taste. Given this characteristic, it’s advisable to partake in this strain outdoors with your partner prior to headed back inside. Within minutes, you’ll find yourself enlightened with cerebral enhancement that ignites anticipation for bedroom activities. Alternatively, embracing the outdoors for your ‘adventurous’ endeavors could heat things up even more. Let your impulses guide you – add this to your top weed strains to increase your sex drive.

Ideal for: Outdoor sex

STIIIZY Sour Diesel - Strains to enhance sex drive

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Clementine, a Sativa-dominant strain with invigorating properties, is the result of crossing Tangie with Lemon Skunk. Renowned for its delightful sweet flavor and citrusy scent, this strain has garnered admiration. Clementine’s appeal extends beyond its taste and aroma, as it is known to possess the potential to heighten sex drive and arousal, making it an excellent choice for consumption before engaging in all your intimate fantasies.

Punch Clementine Strain - Eaze Delivery

Add a little sweet citrus to your life.

Northern Lights

If your preferences lean towards embracing spicy herbal notes, aromatic flower scents, and intensified sensory encounters into your sex life, Northern Lights is your new go-to. Just after a few hits Northern Lights, you will be ushered into an immediate bodily buzz, coupled with the onset of euphoric sensations. This strain will give you a high that’s perfect for pairing with a spicy foreplay sesh and embarking on sensory exploration with your partner.

Northern Lights possesses a distinctive ability to elongate the perception of time, motivating you to savor every moment. This intrinsic quality can significantly enhance your prowess as a partner, facilitating a more comprehensive and immersive journey. If there’s any strain capable of convincing you about the potential of cannabis as a means to elevate sexual experiences, this particular one stands as a compelling contender.

Ideal For: Extended sessions of intimacy.

Northern Lights - Top strain for sex

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Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk is a hybrid cannabis strain that delivers as a captivating choice to light up in the bedroom. A Sativa dominant cross of Y Life (a fusion of Cookies and Cherry Pie) with Snowman, Cereal Milk presents a vibrant effect, boasting a robust flavor profile accompanied by a delightful scent of sweet milk and indulgent ice cream.

Beyond its delicious taste and aroma, Cereal Milk boasts can high-ten sex drive and arousal, making it the ideal companion to savor before embracing intimate moments with your partner. Talk about a tasty night of spicy exploration.

Lowell Farms Cereal Milk Cannabis Strain

Get your Cereal Milk on.

Medical Disclaimer:

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