Top Weed Strains of February: Cannabis You’ll Love

Eaze Team
Feb 1, 2023

We love love – especially when it comes to our cannabis connoisseurs highlighting which strains they’re crushing on. If you’re looking for some inspiration on which strain to try, you’re in luck. We rounded up Eaze’s top weed strains of February according to our canna-lovers:

Check out the top weed strain of February below:

Bubble Gum Kush by Anarchy 

Bubble Gum Kush, aka “Bubblegum Kush” is an 80% indica marijuana strain from Bulldog Seeds in the Netherlands. Bubblegum Kush’s genetics stem from a cross between Bubble Gum and an undisclosed Kush. This strain has a sour aroma and flavor, and will leave users fully relaxed and glued to the couch.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Effects: Relaxed, happy, sleepy

Blue Dream by Island

Island is proud to present our everyday Island Flower, sourced from our carefully curated network of cultivators to deliver California’s finest with every jar. Unravel with Blue Dream perfected. Beautifully frosted nugs are paired with a sweet and floral blueberry aroma and a citrus-sandalwood finish. This classic sativa-dominant hybrid produces a gentle, full-body high that makes it a popular daytime strain.

Weight: 1/8 oz (License No. CDPH-10002723)

Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, energetic

Blueberry Blast by Anarchy

Blueberry Blast is the result of the famous Blueberry-Haze genetics of Blue Dream being pollinated by a Johnny Blaze male. These flowers smell strongly of blueberry, musk, and sweet candy, and taste like cedar and berries when smoked or vaped. A classic sativa effect is to be expected, with soaring, trippy highs that gradually fade into relaxation.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, energetic

Banana by Everyday

Banana is a member of the OG Kush family. It has some incredible sedative-like effects to help you relax. This strain is as close as possible in flavor and aroma to bananas but you can also expect a sweet and fruity scent. Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Effects: Relaxed, happy, sleepy

Strayberry by Old Pal

This unique earthy, sweet Sativa is a stand-out strain. Strayberry packs a punch and has a loud nose to match. Sweet berry flavor mixes with dank flavors of breakfast cereal and cream. Its effects are energetic and uplifting, making it a great strain for any day! Weight: 1/4 oz.

(License Nos. C11-0000718-LIC, C11-0000255-LIC, C11-0000556-LIC, C11-0001168-LIC, C12-0000273-LIC)

Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, energetic

That’s a wrap on the top weed strains of February 2023!

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