Let us deliver this one essential for Memorial Day Weekend

Eaze Team
May 26, 2019

Packing for the BBQ is tricky enough.

The beers and ice, something for the grill, the lawn chairs, the Star-Spangled flip-flops, the rusty metal-tipped vintage Jarts — even if you’re not hosting, there’s already a lot to fuss over for the Memorial Day cookout.

Are you seriously thinking of going without pre-rolls? Nah. That’s not how major American holidays work, friend.

To survive, you need to delegate and simplify. Your new high-tech vaporizer is awesome — if you enjoy getting savaged by your uncles from upstate. Let’s face it, passing that thing around just isn’t the same.

For this job, you need joints.

And there are already enough reasons to leave joint-rolling to the experts.

Why would you tackle that task — outside, on a windy May evening, with all those people watching — when we’ll deliver one of these handy pre-roll packs? They’re sturdy and pocket-proof and crafted and rolled to burn beautifully.

Pick one for your party type. We got this part covered.

At the beach.

No one does the easy, breezy beach vibe like Island. Solid cannabis quality, tons of package appeal. Five-packs of minis are great for passing or going off behind the boathouse on your own.

At the family farm.

If the vibe is an old barn table, wine in jugs and big wooden bowls of veggies from the field, there’s only one way to go. Saddle up, these are strong as an ox!

You’re lone-wolfing it.

No shame in going stag, friend. If you’re only packing because you want to skip the beer-bloat and no one else is partaking, you only need one. Might as well make it a good one.

It’s … not that kind of party, sadly.

OK then! We get it. You want something discreet to help you survive. Enjoy the weekend!

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