The Best Cannabis Products to Pair With Summer Activities

Taylor Engle
Aug 3, 2021

Whether you’re riding solo, coupled up, or just looking for some fun activities to do with friends in your downtime, there are tons of ways to stay active and engaged this summer. And every cannabis consumer knows that nothing says summer quite like a good, solid toke.

Eaze is the cannabis delivery service of your dreams, allowing you to stop worrying about where to buy THC or order edibles the next time you’re in need. You can find it all here, along with our top recommendations when it comes to pairing your favorite products with summer’s favorite pastimes.

Bike Ride + Foxy Garlic Cake

One of the simplest pleasures of the summer season is just going outside and getting some fresh air – especially if you reside in a region where it’s not sunny and temperate year-round. A great way to enjoy the weather, get some exercise, and see the sights is by going on a long bike ride.

Feel free to fly solo or ride with a group, but either way, make sure to map out the most scenic route possible. Finally, you can finish off your adrenaline-filled journey with a few puffs of Foxy’s Garlic Cake flower. With 38% THC, this strain is highly potent and perfect for unwinding after a long day of flying down the roads.

Sidewalk Chalk Art + Old Pal Blue Dream Prerolls

This activity is perfect for any age. Whether you have kids to entertain for the summer, or you just enjoy a little artistic endeavor, coloring your nearby sidewalks with chalk is practically a rite of passage for the season.

Let your inner artist shine – you can turn it into a competition if you’d like, or just allow the art therapy to do its thing and relax. Make sure to order some of Old Pal’s Blue Dream prerolls.

Blue Dream is one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time, and it’s known for its relaxing, creativity-fueling properties.

Obstacle Course + Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm 1:3

Another activity perfect for all ages? Creating your own obstacle course! Use your imagination – whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or some sort of combination of the two, an obstacle course is a great way to get some movement, a little healthy competition, and a guaranteed laugh (or two) in.

Depending on how grueling your obstacle course turns out, you’ll likely want some of Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm on hand. This cannabis-infused salve is designed to provide you with relaxation and healing – ideal for sore, tired muscles.

Camping Trip + Humboldt Farms S’mores

Summer is practically synonymous with camping, so it’s time to start planning your next trip. Gather a group of close friends and load up the car with snacks and enough weed to last you for days.

We recommend ordering an ounce of Humboldt Farms’ S’mores ahead of time, a sweet-but-heavy hybrid that will have you and your friends feeling relaxed and ready to get in touch with nature.

Pool Day + Pabst Blue Ribbon Strawberry Kiwi High Seltzer

For those unbearably hot days that leave you barely wanting to move a muscle – unless it’s in the direction of a cool body of water. Hopefully you have a pool you can use, but if not, there are plenty of public spots to take advantage of. And if all else fails, you can always head straight to the source: the beach!

Wherever you end up, make sure to pack yourself some of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Strawberry Kiwi High Seltzer. America’s (or Lana del Rey’s) favorite beverage has a new, THC-fueled kick you’re guaranteed to love.

Movie Day + Voodoo Trainwreck Moonrock

Sometimes unbearably hot days call for lounging by the pool, and sometimes, they call for holing up in an air-conditioned room and binge-watching your favorite movies in the cool, dark air.

Make sure to load up on snacks, beverages, and Voodoo’s Trainwreck Moonrock, a sativa-dominant creation that will provide you with unmatched potency and power as you pore over your favorite films.

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