The best cannabis pairings for your favorite big game party dishes

Justin Caffier
Jan 30, 2020

The biggest football game of the year is mere days away and, as the most watched television event of the year, there’s a high likelihood that many of you reading this will be hunkering down with some bites and bevs at kickoff to watch the spectacle unfold. Though we are not legally allowed to reference this specific contest by name, that’s not about to stop us from discussing it in the abstract as we recommend the superb cannabis products we think would go best with your Big Game snack spread. Whether in their classic form or modern vegan iteration, these beloved bar foods have been staples of sports telecasts since time immemorial. The only way to improve these already near-perfect dishes is with a little canna-enhancement.

Buffalo Wings

Eat your wings at whatever spicy level you’d like. We’re not here to judge about that. How much meat you leave on the bone is another matter entirely. Regardless, to really set off those flavors and get you chowing down like a hungry neanderthal, you’re going to want to take a few puffs of one of the pre-rolls from Humboldt Farms’ variety pack. Your messy hands shouldn’t be fumbling with flower and paper in this state.


We’re not here to litigate the merits of one guac recipe over another. Once foregone conclusion ingredients like limes are now up for debate. That said, no matter how you prefer to prepare yours, a little citrus kick and THC boost from one of Emerald Sky’s California Orange gummies will help bring out the richness of every flavor.


Guac’s harder-to-pull-off, but equally-delicious cousin gets its due so rarely that it’s always a treat to see it prominently displayed in the Game Day food spread. Before you meander over to its position on the card table and drip a bunch of cheese onto the festive tablecloth while transporting it from bowl to your plate, head out back and take a few hits of THC Designs’ ample selection of flower.


Almost a lifestyle to some at this point, pizza’s universal appeal is second-to-none. It fits in at and improves any gathering from political campaign office meeting to funeral to football viewing party. Not that pizza needs any improvement itself, but it probably won’t hurt to take a few hits of Old Pal’s ready-to-roll pre-ground flower before you dig into the pie when it shows up at your party this Sunday.


Nobody really knows how chili became such an integral part of the football watching experience. Ok, they probably do, but it’s more fun to go along with the mystery rather than dig into the demographics of Midwesterners ethnic backgrounds or whatever. If a cauldron, pot, or bowl of the stuff makes its way to your Big Game party, consider cooling off your scalded taste buds with a glass of Rebel Coast canna-wine.


Despite what may have heard, there are many ways to screw up a plate of nachos. Weird ingredients, uneven ingredient distribution, and improperly melted cheese all rank near the top, but a lesser known way to ruin your nachos is by not getting high before eating them To fix that, we prefer to just keep it simple and chomp down a Terra Sea Salt Caramel Bite half an hour or so before eating.

Egg Rolls

Sometimes you need a wild-card dish to really set off your Game Day feast, and we doubt your guests would be mad if a steaming plate of just-fried egg rolls suddenly appeared before them. They’d also likely be equally un-upset if you presented the group with a Pac Stone Pre-Roll to smoke right before everyone dug in.

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