6 scary Halloweed monsters and how to ward them off

Eaze Team
Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloweed!

OK, “Halloweed” isn’t really a thing … yet. But nothing goes better with cannabis than grown-up mischief in clever costumes after dark, and Halloween is the third largest holiday for marijuana sales (behind 4/20 and “Green Wednesday”), according to Eaze Insights.

So why not? Halloweed is here! Happy Halloweed!

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But do tread carefully into the night – for the Halloweed path is haunted by ghouls and goblins of its own. You can avoid any of them with a single Eaze delivery. Those who dare walk it would do well to read on …

The Creature from the Bad Legume.

Your best friend’s “firecracker” sandwiches (the “easiest edible you’ll ever make“) recipe got you through college, but expired peanut butter and stale graham crackers don’t hold up in this age of elevated edibles. And why pucker through bitter, chlorophyll-y “treats” when cannabis-infused goodies expertly designed to taste amazing can be spirited to your door?

The Phantom of the Overdone-it.

There’s spooky organ music playing in your head … darkness and dread are creeping in … the Phantom of the Overdone-it is there! Everybody knows you can’t technically overdose on cannabis, but you can take it too far, and it’s never a pleasant ride. If you’ve had a little too much it’s always good to have some CBD-heavy options around. Known to counter-act the effects of THC, a strong dose of CBD – plus plenty of water and a little time to ride it out – can help chase off that horrible feeling before it devours your night.

The Hunchback of No-got-flame.

How many times have you been with a group of friends, all set to spark a social, and no one has a light? Unless you’re Frankenstein’s monster himself, there is absolutely no excuse not to have fire. Fire goooood!

The Mummchies.

Mmmnhhh. MMNHHHHH! MMMNNNHHHH!!!! No, that’s not a mummified specter shuffling down the hall – it’s you, shoveling candy into your face because you smoked a munchies strain! With so much sweet temptation around, you’re going to want something high in THCV, a lesser-known cannabinoid prevalent in African sativa strains like Durban Poison. THCV is believed to be an appetite suppressant – and let’s face it, even with no appetite, you’re still probably going to eat too much. Why take chances?

Vampire Weekday.

Halloweed falls on a Wednesday this year, and like any self-respecting vampire, that sucks. The only way you’re getting out of the rest of this week alive is not to overdo it. Stay out of the punch bowl, and when it comes to your cannabis, knowing your limit is the key to a good morning. Go with something precise, predictable and still fun for the party.

The Headless Hangover.

Uh ohhh, we told you to stay out of the punch bowl! It’s the morning after Halloween, the only reason the alarm didn’t wake you is because the pounding headache got to you first. Thankfully, you planned ahead, and slip into a Super Silver Haze, which Civilized called the No. 1 hangover strain because it “combines the headache-fighting ability of Trainwreck with the energy boost of Jillybean.”

Truth is, you didn’t really have to plan ahead at all – we’ll speed any of these Halloweed buzzkill-killers to wherever you’re celebrating (or recovering, and during delivery hours and within the Eaze delivery zone, of course).

Happy Halloweed! And always remember to (skelet)enjoy the moment!

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