The 12 Days of Christmas: Eaze Edition

Taylor Engle
Dec 26, 2020

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…well, hopefully your favorite Eaze order, right? Although Santa season fever begins pretty much the day after Thanksgiving (and even earlier for the extremely dedicated), the 12 days of Christmas technically begin on the 25th, carrying us into the new year with tidings of comfort and joy for all. And whether it’s coming from your true love or your friendly local Eaze delivery driver, these gifts surely won’t miss.

So, about that first day:

The First Day of Christmas – Kiva’s Peppermint Bark

When it comes to choosing between a partridge in a pear tree and some of Kiva’s delicious peppermint bark, the decision is pretty obvious. Peppermint treats have been associated with Christmas since the 1600s, when the flavor was created specifically for the holiday. Encapsulating all the freshness and excitement of Christmas and more, peppermint bark is an absolute staple for this time of year. This bar comes with a kick–5mg of THC in each serving–so channel your inner wiseman, know your limit, and consume cautiously.

The Second Day of Christmas – Foxy’s Dynasty

The second day of Christmas (or “Hot” Boxing Day if you’re British) is typically reserved for two turtle doves, but we’ll spare you the headache and offer a headrush instead with Foxy’s Dynasty, a high-THC hybrid flower that is a cross between Kush Mints and Lemon Kush. The day after Christmas always has a bit of a Sunday-night-before-work feel to it, so combat this down time with an uplifting and relaxing experience.

The Third Day of Christmas – Mary’s Medicinals CBN

On the third day of Christmas, opt out of the three French hens for some of Mary’s Medicinals CBN capsules. These capsules are THC-free, so you’ll experience all of the plant’s benefits and none of the psychoactive effects. CBN, otherwise known as cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that is found in older plants. It’s been recognized for its relaxing effects, as well as its ability to combat insomnia for many users. As you’ll likely still be winding down from all of the holiday festivities while simultaneously trying to mentally prepare for a new year, Mary’s CBN is the perfect treat for you.

The Fourth Day of Christmas – LAKEGRADE’s Bogota Berry

If your true love didn’t get you some of LAKEGRADE’s Bogota Berry flower for the fourth day of Christmas, are they even really your true love? With dark blue, purple, and amber hues, this strain is both aesthetically beautiful and packed with power. It’s ideal for bursts of creativity, so if you’re trying to come up with an innovative way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a socially distant yet exciting manner, puffing on some Bogota Berry pre-brainstorm will definitely work in your favor.

The Fifth Day of Christmas – Bloom Farm’s Sunset OG Cartridge

While the five golden rings of the fifth day of Christmas are arguably the most favorable gift of the twelve days, we’ve got something even better to add to your shopping list: Bloom’s Sunset OG vape cartridge! With a potent and relaxing blend of terpenes and a warm goldish hue, this vape strain is as close to five golden rings as it gets–with the added fun of some psychoactive sensation to carry your closer and closer to 2021.

The Sixth Day of Christmas – Kanha’s Strawberry Gummies

It’s the sixth of Christmas, and I know you don’t want any geese-a-laying near your good furniture. Instead, opt for a package of Kanha’s cannabis-infused strawberry gummies. Each bag comes with 10 gummies, each containing 10mg of THC for a relaxing but effective experience. These gummies are indica heavy, so make sure to consume when you’re ready to tuck in for the night and enjoy this heady high.

The Seventh Day of Christmas – Everyday’s Sky OG

The seventh day of Christmas–a.k.a., New Year’s Eve! As a reward for yourself for officially making it through this trainwreck of a year, imbibe in some of Everyday’s Sky OG flower. A classic OG strain, Sky OG is perfect for a night of unwinding and reflecting. While NYE is usually reserved for going out and living it up, this year is low key for obvious reasons, so roll up and start thinking about all of the ways we can head into 2021 with a fresh perspective–we all deserve that at this point.

The Eighth Day of Christmas – PLUS’s Sugar Plum Gummies

The eighth day of Christmas is for eight maids-a-milking, but who’s worrying about milkmaids when it’s the first day of the year? January 1st is typically reserved for watching the Rose Parade and nursing a wicked hangover, but with the 2021 Rose Parade canceled due to COVID and New Year’s Eve festivities encouraged to be as tame as possible for the same reason, this year’s New Year’s Day will be a great opportunity to kick off the year with energy and optimism. Enjoy some of PLUS’s sugar plum holiday gummies, a sweet treat that allows you to keep enjoying the charisma of the holidays with a hazy head.

The Ninth Day of Christmas – Dr. Norm’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Nine ladies dancing…how has no one questioned these song lyrics before? Rather than gifting human performers to your true love, try something a little less controversial: chocolate fudge brownies! Who doesn’t love a good brownie moment? And with Dr. Norm’s, you’re guaranteed to meet your match with these cannabis-infused treats. These brownies taste so good, you’ll forget they’re laced with THC–be careful!

The Tenth Day of Christmas – Mad Lilly’s Fruit Mango Spritzer

For the tenth day of Christmas, this Mad Lilly fruit mango spritzer is sure to get your lords-a-leaping. With a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, this bubbly beverage is perfect for a day of relaxing. You’ll feel like you’re having a nice day at the beach without a care in the world–the perfect way to kick off 2021.

The Eleventh Day of Christmas – LEUNE’s Desert Gold

The eleventh day of Christmas is reserved for pipers piping, but this 0.6g preroll by LEUNE is close enough, right? Puff on some desert gold, perfect for a happy-meets-chill attitude.

The Twelfth Day of Christmas – Jetty’s Lionheart Live Badder

Since the twelfth day of Christmas brings us twelve drummers drumming, can I get a drumroll for this Lionheart live badder please?! Hailing from Jamaica and therefore thriving in hot temperatures, Jetty’s lionheart live resin is the spiciest and the skunkiest in the game. Whipped to perfection like cake batter, this strain brings a classic, light sativa high–the ideal way to wrap your twelve-day celebration.

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