Three Top THC Drinks for Dry January

Eaze Team
Jan 13, 2023

Dry January doesn’t have to be consumed solely with water and soda. There are endless amounts of recipes for mocktails and THC drinks that not only will make your month fun, but hangover-free as well!

Check out the THC drinks that we’ll be sippin’ on during Dry January:

THC Mocktail Dry January

420 Highball


2-3 strawberry slices

2 blackberry

¼ tsp of honey (or cannabis infused honey)

1-3 drops of Mary’s Medicinal Cannabis Infused Tincture (or whatever dosage is most comfortable for you)


First, add fruit into glass and muddle into pureed.

Then, add honey and tincture drops in with the pureed fruit with a splash of water.

After you’ve added the honey and tincture drops, pour puree into a shaker with ice and shake.

Once shaken, strain out the liquid into a fresh glass over ice.

Finally, top off with Vybes Blackberry Hibiscus CBD or your to-to sparkling water.

Stir lightly and enjoy!

Dry January THC Cocktail Honey Rosemary Lemon

Honey Bee THC 


1 oz fresh lemon juice

1 serving size of Lemon Crush S*SHOTS

1.5 oz rosemary infused simple syrup

¼ tsp honey (or cannabis infused honey)


First, add ingredients to a glass with ice and shake.

Second, pour liquid through cocktail strainer into a glass filled with ice

Once you’ve poured your liquid into a fresh glass, top with soda water or your go-to sparkling water

Finally, stir lightly and enjoy!

THC Mocktail Cocktail Dry January Drink THC Blueberry Mint

Blueberry Mint Canna-Smash


1 cup of blueberries

1 lime

½ cup of mint leaves

1 tbsp of honey (or cannabis infused honey)

1 serving size of Berry Blast S*SHOTS


Muddle blueberries and mint together.

First, add juice from lime, honey and Berry Blast S*SHOTS into glass with fruit puree and ice.

After that, shake ingredients then pour over ice into a new glass.

Then, top off with sparkling water and Blueberry Mint Vybes CBD

Finally, garnish with mint sprig and enjoy!

Be sure to tag us on socials if you try one of these delicious canna-mocktails. Happy Dry January!

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