Top Cannabis Products for Taurus Season

Anna Dorn
Apr 23, 2021

After the energetic intensity of Aries season, Taurus season’s grounding energy provides a much needed respite. The bull is a sign of strength and stubbornness, yes, but also of lounging in lush fields. An Earth sign, Tauruses are known for their sensuality and practical determination. Unlike the impulsive Aries, Tauruses are deliberate and steady. While Aries season is all about bold change, Taurus season is about perfecting what we’ve already started.

Tauruses are arguably the premier cannabis lovers of the zodiac. Their idea of heaven is to eat and be cozy in nice surroundings. Tauruses basically invented self-isolating, so we all learned a thing or two from them this past year. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Tauruses have fine tastes in food and art. Cannabis is a great compliment to the epicurean Taurus lifestyle.

Here are some products that will allow you to soak up the chill luxury of Taurus season.

1. Matcha White Chocolate Bar Defonce

Taurean esthetes will appreciate this pure white chocolate infused green tea matcha. Crafted with the finest Belgian chocolate and premium California cannabis, this hybrid chocolate bar will allow anyone to practice the Taurus art of luxury.

2. Camino Yuzu Lemon 1:1 CBD: THC Balance Kiva

Do as Taureans do and dip your feet into the slow current of a cool river with these lemon gummies. The harmonizing blend of THC and CBD, sativa and indica terpenes, allows you to unwind without feeling unwound.

3. Blood Orange Bitters Higher Vibes 1:1 Wunder

Taurus season is all about curling up with a cozy beverage and a good book or movie. This high dose THC beverage designed to elevate your mind and soothe your body is a great complement to a night in. Effervescent and crafted with all natural fruit juice—it’s perfect for our Earthy kings and queens.

4. Rosemary & Sea Salt Crackers Tempo

These handmade crackers with Parmesan and seasoned with rosemary & sea salt flakes are well-suited to the fine Taurean palette. With 2mg of THC per cracker, it’s the ideal doseable snack.

5. PR OG Preroll 2 Pack 1g Pacific Stone

While Aries season is all about energetic sativas, Taurus season is about grounding indicas. Pacific Stone PR’s OG indica joints are calibrated for maximum mellow bood. With an earthy, peppery flavor, these are great for a relaxing night in.

LICENSES: CDPH-10001996, CDPH-10002402, CDPH-10003710, CDPH-10003615, PAL18-0001346

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