Tasting the Cookies (Not the Cannabis) with Dr. Norm’s

Taylor Engle
Sep 21, 2020

Seven years ago, innovation in the edible space was few and far between. As adult-use cannabis was just beginning to see legalization in a few states, the options for a tasty, quality edible were minimal. But thanks to a family collaboration intent on shaking things up, a delicious new path was forged.

Dr. Norm’s cookies, a traditional cookies brand formed in 2016 by brother-and-sister team Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson, began its collaboration with cannabis soon after. Named for their late father Dr. Norm Koz, the brand marries both of their parents’ legacies, combining the medical element of cannabis with their mother’s beloved recipes.

dr norms eaze

The pair initially set out to bring their pharmacist mother’s mouth-watering cookies to the public, honoring her tradition and the love she put into each creation. Simultaneously, Koz and Wilson have always believed in the healing properties of cannabis and hemp, and one day, they decided to combine the two.

Using their father’s medical knowledge and their mother’s culinary expertise, Koz and Wilson baked and baked until they had the perfect combination: real ingredients with high quality and packed with flavor.

“When we conceived of the brand, we realized that taste was lacking in the marketplace. At the time, most edibles tasted like weed and were not so high in quality,” Wilson said. “We were one of the first brands to use distillate, not canna-butter. This allowed for the great taste of our cookies to shine through! Our motto became ‘Taste the Cookie, not the Cannabis!’”

Although their first year of business didn’t involve cannabis at all, it taught Koz and Wilson everything they know when it comes to flavoring. From creamy butter to pure vanilla extract, the cannabis isn’t the only ingredient in Dr. Norm’s cookies that is considered top-shelf. The team is also dedicated to proper dosage, another one of their mantras being “Know Your Dose,” which they encourage all eaters to be aware of before indulging.

Dr. Norm’s cookies began where most cookies do: chocolate chip. And once they mastered their “Chocolate Chip Therapy,” the brand continued to expand, dabbling in recipes that cater to those with specific dietary needs like veganism or gluten-free, like their peanut butter and snickerdoodle options. They also offer non-psychoactive options that are 100% CBD, as well as CBD gummies and tinctures.

While Koz and Wilson have begun to expand into the CBD market, the heart of their brand remains with the cookies. “We wanted to take the success we’d had with traditional cookies and bring it to the edibles market — but do it in a way that offered a safe, delicious, and reliable experience every time,” Wilson said.

Licenses: Dr. Norm’s CDPH-10003615

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