Sundae School and Cann Team Up For Limited-Edition Reserve Release

Taylor Engle
Sep 20, 2021

We’ve got some perfectly-dosed tea to spill, and it’s piping, hot, and infused with cannabis.

Two of the industry’s biggest brands – New York-based Sundae School and California-based Cann – have teamed up from coast to coast to bring consumers a limited-edition collaboration that is available for delivery at Eaze.

Sundae School and Cann are both renowned for their cannabis-infused products, and after one too many sips of Pineapple Jalapeno Hi Boy, the two teams came together to produce our new favorite snacks.

cann sundae school eaze

It’s the crossover episode we’ve been waiting for since That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana dropped: a combination of Sundae School’s top-selling yuzu mochi gummies and Cann’s #1 consumer-rated flavor, Yuzu Elderflower.

The brands decided to take their relationship to BFF status, taking the best of each recipe to create two incredible products.

Cann’s Yuzu Elderflower six-packs are 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, perfect for a chill but steady haze. With all-natural flavor, agave nectar, and no concentrate juice, this product truly combines the best of both worlds.

Also born from the collaboration are Sundae School’s Yuzu Elderflower Mochi Gummies, squishy and chewy like everyone’s favorite Asian treat. These snacks contain 10mg of THC per gummy, perfect for pairing with a nice cold can of Cann.

The products will launch on September 20 to honor the Pan-Asian Holiday: the Mid-Autumn Festival. To keep in line with the origins of the Yuzu Elderflower, Sundae School and Cann are embracing this celebration with this limited-edition Reserve launch — the first of its kind from Cann.

This time signifies togetherness, which is also perfect for this happy collaboration. Families get together to share a meal, express gratitude for the year, and eat mooncakes under the harvest moon.

“Mid-Autumn Festival, or 추석 (‘chuseok’, as we like to call it in South Korea), is when families come together. We wanted to pay homage to the rice cakes we eat during family dinner. This is our version of the rice cakes in 2021 – higher, chewier, and funkier!” – Jennifer Tran, Head of Cannabis at Sundae School.

“We collaborated with our friends at Cann to add a funky twist to our Sour Yuzu, with elderflowers. It was great to work with Cann, our good friends and chosen family in the cannabis industry, and celebrate our favorite holiday.” – Dae Lim, Founder of Sundae School

“We have long admired the brand Dae and the rest of the team are building and are honored to be working with them on Yuzu Elderflower Reserve. Sundae School is quirky, sexy, and irreverent just like Cann and most importantly they share the same values as we do regarding this industry’s diversity, equity, and inclusion problem.” – Luke Anderson, Cann Co-Founder

Licenses: Cann CDPH-10003710, Sundae School:

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