Weed Strains to Smoke on 420 with Eaze Delivery

Eaze Team
Mar 28, 2023

Our favorite holiday of the year is near! If you’re looking to get lit with your friends on the dopest day of the year, Eaze delivery has got you covered. Here, lie the dankest weed strains to smoke on 420:

Greek Crack – Circles Eclipse

Green Crack aka “Green Crush” or “Mango Crack,” is a dank Sativa weed strain crossed with Skunk #1 and an unknown Indica. This strain is known for its beloved energizing effects. There are only a few strains that compare to Green Crack’s energy and focus levels, as it influences an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With tangy, fruity flavors similar to mango, Green Crack is a 420 daytime strain.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Blueberry Blast – Anarchy

Blueberry Blast is a tasty cross of the famous Blueberry-Haze genetics of Blue Dream and Johnny Blaze male. Each nug smells strongly of blueberry, musk, and sweet candy, and tastes of cedar and berries on exhale. Blueberry Blast is a true Sativa weed strain, with soaring, trippy highs that gradually turn into relaxation.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Banana OJ #7 – Lowell Farms

Banana OJ #7 is a Sativa strain cross of Banana OG x Orange Valley OG. This strains has the scent of overripe bananas and earthy citrus. Similar to its aromas, your taste buds will tingle with flavors of earthy citrus and hints of banana. Expect a euphoric and creative high that will keep you sharp and engaged through your 420 celebrations.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-000816-LIC)

Strawberry Cough – Everyday

Strawberry Cough is a potent Sativa strain cross of Haze x Strawberry Fields. This weed strain is knowns for its sweet aroma of fresh strawberries and skunky, berry flavors that will capture your senses as cerebral, uplifting effects take over your body and mind. Get ready to be consumed by an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave you smiling from cheek to cheek.

Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. C11-0000532-LIC)

Chem Reserve – Pure Beauty

Chem Reserve is a true treat to any connoisseur who’s ready to take 420 by storm. Balanced yet powerful, the aroma and flavors upon exhale hit you with waves of citrus, lemon and diesel.

Weight: 1/8 (License No. C11-0001255-LIC)

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