Spooky Movies and Eaze-y Goodies

Taylor Engle
Oct 19, 2020

No matter what your plans are for Halloween 2020, a seasonal movie-binge is always a necessity during spooky season. But before you hit play on your favorite Halloween flick, make sure you’ve popped the popcorn, spread out all the cozy blankets, and topped your night off with a generous order of the best cannabis treats we have to offer.

From old-school feel-good Halloween classics to straight up horror films, here’s your ideal roundup of product recommendations to pair with any and every vibe with us:

Classic Halloween Films + Classic Cannabis

When in doubt, nothing satisfies your Halloween flick craving better than the classics, and hits like Hocus Pocus, Nightmare on Elm Street, or The Addams Family are just that! We recommend keeping your cannabis just as classic as these evergreen cinematic masterpieces, so stock up on an old-school eighth (or more) of Circles’ Sweet Sour Diesel, certain to give you an energetic pick-me-up while you reminisce on Halloweens past.

Hide-Under-the-Covers Horror + Sour Gummies

If you prefer to be utterly terrified during your Halloween movie-binge, consider some classic horror flicks like Halloween, The Exorcist, The Shining, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To offset the terror you’ll likely experience during these intense films, pop a few sour watermelon gummies from PLUS. They’ll keep you in a light, jubilant mood while your favorite monsters tear up their fictional towns.

Spooky Season Comedies + S’mores

The only thing better than a great Halloween film is one that also makes you snort with laughter. There are quite a few favorites of the season that will have you and your friends doubled over, but our top picks are: Young Frankenstein, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and Warm Bodies. Pop in these flicks and make sure to have your cannabis-infused s’mores chocolate bars by Punch ready to go – you can even heat it up and drizzle over your popcorn!

Creepy Cartoons + Blue Dream

An animated film can be both entertaining and transformative–it takes you back to a time when life was simple and Saturday mornings were reserved exclusively for cereal and cartoons. The obvious top pick? Nightmare Before Christmas, followed by Casper and Monster House. Pair these entertaining yet heartwarming flicks with the most classic, reminiscent strain there is: Blue Dream.

Campy Classics + Maui Wowie

Ryan Murphy is the king of creepy camp television, as evidenced by, well, everything he’s ever written, directed, and produced (American Horror Stories, Glee, and Scream Queens, to name a few). However, this genre has been well-explored in films over the past few decades and works no matter what time of year it is–although Halloween is prime time to enjoy these satirical works of art. Try kicking off with classics like Edward Scissorhands, Heathers, Fright Night, and Beetlejuice, and pair them with the campiest strain of them all: Maui Wowie.

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