Cannabis treats for Grandma this Thanksgiving (Yes, we’re serious.)

Eaze Team
Nov 20, 2019

Everyone can get in on the fun.

Thanksgiving and marijuana go hand-in-hand. But you’re not in high school and this is not your first rodeo. Instead of sneaking into the backyard or being angsty wishing you could leave the table to immediately go hang out and smoke with your cool friends, rope your family in on the fun. Marijuana is going mainstream and there’s plenty of ways to share the love without having to roll up a joint.

Okay, not everyone is going to be onboard. Unless you really have that dream family. (Goals!) But that’s fine, there’s something for nearly everybody who wants in. It’s 2019 and you can gift anyone over 21 years old with cannabis totally legally. Welcome to the Thanksgiving you’ve always dreamed of. Hopefully, you’re feeling thankful, and generous.

The pre-game secret

The hour or so leading up to sitting down for dinner is always a lot more hectic than six hours ago when the turkey first hit the oven. Family members are buzzing around, people need to warm up dishes, there are last-minute mistakes, someone brought a store-bought pie (YIKES), the dog is barking, the phone is ringing, you get the gist. You’ve been there year after year.

Spark up a bowl of Blue Dream Classic before sitting down to eat to boost appetites to ready-for-thirds levels, make the possibly little-too-burnt bits go down easier, and just get everyone to mellow out. This meal is a long one, so you may want to have another toke or two between servings.

Halftime show-off

Like all big family meals, someone will eventually bring up politics, leading to a whole lot of heated exchanges. For those of you wishing to sidestep that mess to maintain a happier, mellower headspace, we recommend stashing a joint filled with Purple Mango somewhere in the kitchen. When the histrionics and finger pointing begins, you and your fellow argument avoiders can excuse yourselves to “start cleaning up and sneak off with your emergency stash.

You might not be able to stop the other relatives from going in on each other, but you can your own headspace to a state where you’ll be too blissed out to mind the fracas.

So full you’re literally dying

How is this still going? Does anyone want pie? Ice cream? A little slice of apple and a little piece of pumpkin? Don’t offend anyone and not try theirs, it’s a family recipe. You seem nice, you wouldn’t do that. Plus, you’re probably kind of high. This is way better than the $40 of delivery you would have ordered if you were at home, just go with it. Trust the process.

When the tryptophan starts kicking in, you could always try to fight it, but we’ve always found it’s better to lean into the feeling and help it along with a little post-meal smoke. A few hits of Trainwreck will have you vegging out on the sofa like a king, digesting all that food with a football game on in the background and not a care in the world. Just be sure to share the stuff so Grandma and the cousins can decompress with you.

A family friendly hangover

Hopefully, you stayed more on the marijuana than wine side last night, but who are we kidding? There was red, there was white, maybe there was even some sparkling. Waking up with a hangover in your mom’s house is a lot different than your usual slumming it on the couch in solitude. Add a little pep to your step and don’t waste your precious day off.

Nothing helps take the edge off from a previous night’s excesses like a few hits of green. We recommend a sativa like Jack Herer Classic that will help brush away the head and stomach aches while still giving you enough clarity to go about your business and make the most of the new day.

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