Self-Care For the Winter Season

Taylor Engle
Dec 14, 2021

With the holiday blues creeping up, we’re gearing up for some next level self-care, and self-care is usually done better with a little plant power.

Whether you recently went back to the office, campus, or are taking on some sort of life change, the shifting energy is in the air and most of us are making adjustments for our lives moving forward.

Although change comes with new opportunities, it can be exhausting and scary, which is why self-care is so important right now. Luckily, Eaze has all of the cannabis-infused products designed to help you focus, unwind, organize, destress, or just let go and thoroughly enjoy the present.

It’s important to stay in touch with your feelings, emotions, and desires, especially when it comes to keeping your mental health in check. One of the best ways to keep track is to write everything down.

Our emotions are based on our individual experiences and perspectives. They come in waves, and no one is immune to them. Embrace what’s going on in your head by keeping a daily journal to track progress, set goals, or just let your mind flow.

Cannabis has long been utilized to help people tap into their inner voice, and Blue Dream is a creative-fueling staple no weed lover can live without. Roll one up as you pick up your pen and notebook for ultimate introspection.

It can be difficult to make sure you’re getting enough water each day – especially during the winter, when you crave hot beverages like cocoa, coffee, or eggnog. However, hydration is essential to overall wellbeing and should be a daily priority.

Help you help yourself by setting water intake reminders throughout the day or trying new sparkling flavors to keep your tastebuds engaged.

Cannabis may also help increase your water intake – even if that’s just inspired by the cottonmouth consumers sometimes experience.

However, the calm cartridge by dosist isn’t designed to make you uncomfortable. In fact, this pod combines all of the plant’s most relaxing cannabinoids to ensure your mind and body are completely at ease.

Sometimes, changing something up about your outward appearance can shift the way you feel on the inside. New can be really exciting, and if you’ve been toying with the idea of trying on a new look, now’s the time to get playful.

Try a new hairstyle, explore some daring clothing options, or even go for that tattoo or piercing you’ve been holding out on.

Combine your new look with LAKEGRADE’s Bogota Berry, a dark blue/purple indica that provides consumers with clarity, focus, and the freedom to get creative.

A nice warm bubble bath is a great way to tend to sore muscles, quiet a busy mind, and be encompassed by an overall sense of blissful relaxation.

Set a scene by lighting some candles, burning incense, and queuing up a calming playlist to accompany your soak.

Finally, puff on some of Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 CBN:THC cartridge. With a sweet balance of cannabinoids and terpenes, this vape maximizes wellness benefits and is perfect for evening enjoyment.

Vitamin D is an important component when it comes to calcium absorption, immune function, and energy levels. Sunny days can be few and far between during the cold months, so take advantage of that fall sunshine and soak in as much as you can.

As your basking in the light, spark up some of James Henry’s Sugar Cookies, a relaxing hybrid that calms, uplifts, and tastes just as sweet as it sounds.

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