SELECT CBD | You and your pet can chill together this holiday season

Eaze Team
Dec 11, 2018

Relax! You’ve chosen Select.

Blinking lights, burning smells, trees in houses, strange people coming and going … the holidays can be confusing and stressful! For our pet friends, that is.

OK, they’re stressful for us, too. But they don’t have to be! This is 2018, and together with our furry friends we can enjoy a new take on wellness through CBD.

Eaze Wellness will ship non-psychoactive CBD products from Select almost anywhere in the U.S. With formulations for people and pets – and with the knowledge that what you’re getting is full-strength, broad-spectrum, and fully tested – holiday bliss is all but assured for you both.

One for your best friend, and one for you [Photo courtesy of Select]
One for your best friend, and one for you [Photo courtesy of Select]

Select was testing cannabis before it was the law.

Select has been a trusted brand in cannabis for years, in part because of rigorous purity testing standards that have always outpaced legal requirements. And Select is still one of the only companies proactively testing its hemp-derived CBD products, holding them to the same internal standards as its THC-forward offerings.

When you choose Select, you know what you’re giving your pet is free of solvent residue, pesticides and other toxins.

Click the image below to shop Select PETS:

Though veterinary science is still catching up, people anecdotally are finding that CBD can help anxious dogs and cats stay calm through stressful times, while owners of elderly animals report that it can get them up and moving again. Start with smaller doses – 5mg-10mg in their food is a good place to start, depending on size – and up the dose as needed until you see desired results.

Now let’s take care of you.

CBD-only vaporizer pens from Select have become an Eaze best-seller, as people discover their ease of use, discretion, and purity. The Relax Lavender CBD formulation is ideal for daily wellness and anytime relief, with a pleasant lavender aroma.

Click the image below to shop for the Relax CBD Lavender pen from Select:

Select supports veterans.

Select has made military veterans an integral part of its company culture. Not only are several of its employees ex-military, but it’s been a supporter of HeroGrown, a nonprofit that fights for veterans’ access to cannabis.

From now until Dec. 21, Select is donating a portion of its sales to HeroGrown, part of its ongoing financial contributions to the organization.

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