Q&A with Erin Gore, Founder and CEO of Garden Society

Diana Gonimah
Mar 31, 2021

Garden Society is a wine country cannabis company here to break the stigma and completely redefine cannabis for women. Inspired by and based out of Sonoma County, the brand is best known for delicious edible flavors like Chai Milk Chocolate and innovative hash-infused rosette prerolls like the Calm Focus Rosette. We recently got to ask Erin Gore, the CEO and founder of Garden Society, about her journey as a founder in the cannabis industry.

What does cannabis mean to you?

Cannabis to me means better quality of life. I love that it brings me back to balance – whether I’m tired, stressed, need motivation – there are strains and form factors that fit into my everyday life that bring me joy no matter what ails me.

How did you originally get involved in the cannabis space?

I had been using cannabis to help recover from hip surgery, and learned through that process the other ways in which I could incorporate it into my life – for sleep, stress, fun. I was traveling the world for my former corporate job and in the meantime trying to find ways to start a family, balance my home life, and connect with girlfriends and community at home. I started hosting what were eventually dubbed, “High Holiday Baking Parties,” with my friends and I realized that while we were all in my kitchen making cannabis oil, cookies, and cakes, we were all also commiserating about being modern women and the pressures we all shared. This propelled my desire to leave my corporate life and start what is now Garden Society, products and a community to help women find a better quality of life.

What do you want women specifically to know about you and/or your product?

We want women to know that we, the founders of Garden Society, are women just like them trying to be the best we can be for ourselves, our friends and our families. We believe the products we make at Garden Society, filled with high-quality, full spectrum cannabis, that taste delicious and look beautiful, can give women the confidence to feel empowered about their cannabis journey. They can make the choice to enjoy a High-CBD Chai Chocolate that tastes delicious and also brings them into a more calm mood, or, they can choose a Brighter Day Hash-Infused Rosette for a super fun hike with friends exploring and having great, laughter-filled conversations.

At the end of the day we strive for excellence, but recognize our imperfections and use the lessons to learn and grow. This journey is a labor of love—it’s a passion that drives our dedication to creating a new perspective on cannabis and bringing joy to women’s everyday lives.

Who or what inspired you to start your brand?

The community of women that I built through the aforementioned, “High Holiday Baking Parties,” that I hosted prior to founding Garden Society. Since then, I continue to be inspired by the community of women in cannabis who support each other endlessly to ensure female representation within the industry. Finally, while they didn’t inspire us to start our brand but to propel it forward, our female angel investors who believed in our vision and gave us the collective ammunition to reach even greater potential.

What challenges have you faced in the cannabis industry?

What challenges haven’t we faced in the cannabis industry? Haha, it’s par for the course. Finding quality partners has been challenging, but seems only natural at a time when the industry and businesses are being built simultaneously. There’s a lot of trial and error, taking the learnings and getting back on our feet. I feel very grateful to have the partners we have today, I think we’ve hit our stride in a lot of ways. It’s also been very challenging raising capital as women, in an industry that already does not have access to many of the traditional means of funding your business.

If you could smoke one with any historical figure alive or dead who would it be?

Maya Rudolph. She’s funny as hell, but a mom so would we could get high, laugh and commiserate about being moms while holding down a crazy work schedule – lol. I bet she’d teach me a thing or two!

What top 3 songs would you suggest someone listen to while using your products?

Arlo Parks, “Hope” with a Calm & Focus Hash-Infused Rosette

Lizzo, “Good As Hell” with a Brighter Day Rosette (solo dance party in quarantine, anyone?!)

Corinne Bailey Rae, “Trouble Sleeping” with a Blissful Rest Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt to send you off with sweet dreams.

What movie/show do you recommend people watch while using your products?

Schitt’s Creek – I already laugh out loud watching that show, so watching it while enjoying a Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate just makes it all the better. Plus the relationship between David and Patrick is a romance for the history books!

Dear White People – Clear your mind with a Calm & Focus Rosette and get lost in the incredible storytelling but it also keeps me laughing. Plus I’ve learned a lot – I highly recommend.

Bridgerton – Let’s keep this simple: A Blissful Rest Hash-Infused Rosette, good sex followed by good sleep. A winner for any evening!

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