Perfect Pairings For a Dank Weekend

Diana Gonimah
Oct 23, 2020

By now, you’ve probably learned dozens of cannabis pairings from Eaze, whether it’s how to pair different strains with every music genre or how to complement your favorite Halloween movies with THC. But what about pairing weed with weed?

If you’ve been wondering how to spend that awkward weekend when it’s not quite Halloween yet, we’ve uncovered the formula for the perfect weekend itinerary, and it goes like this:


Your mind starts to wander around 3pm. You toggle between several social media apps. You see a dank Insta post from Eaze and head straight to, where you decide you need a little pick-me-up if you’re going to be social tonight. You land on the perfect combo: Tangerine UPLIFT gummies from PLUS and a cart of Lemon Jack by Select.


You start your Saturday the best way you possibly can–at home, with some savory homemade brunch, Serra’s Stumptown Coffee Chocolate for a taste of something sweet and energizing, and you hit a bowl of LAKEGRADE’s indica-leaning Budzilla. You make some popcorn and start working through our Halloween movie list.


You wake up early and you feel great because you opted for cannabis over alcohol. You do some laundry. You make a voting plan. You decide to treat yourself and settling in after having such a productive Sunday. You head to and order Jetty’s GOLD Grand Daddy Purps cart and Island’s earth and fuel-flavored indica flower, OG Drift.

Licenses: 1. PLUS, CDPH-10001901 2. Select, CDPH-10001355 3. Serra, C11-0000816-LIC, C11-0000229-LIC 4. LAKEGRADE, C11-0000003-LIC 5. Jetty, CDPH-10002243 6. Island, C12-0000108-LIC

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