PAX Era Pro: Vaping with Sophistication

Taylor Engle
Sep 2, 2020

With a variety of products that prioritize cannabis safety, San Francisco’s PAX labs has certainly earned its role as innovator in premium cannabis vaporizer technology. With award-winning devices in both flower and concentrates, PAX has continued to stay in tune with what consumers need.

Founded in 2017, PAX has remained focused on creating the most responsible, enjoyable and personalized vaping experience on the market. PAX Labs has a sophisticated team of innovators with vast experience in consumer technology, healthcare, and biotech who work together to deliver cannabis products that can be used as a force for good.

PAX’s latest product, the PAX Era Pro, claims to have more predictability, control and potency than ever before. Now available for Eaze delivery, the Era Pro was built with safety at its core. With the recent discovery of the dangers that may come with vaping a faulty cartridge, a “safe” experience is a promise needed now more than ever before. PAX believes nothing should be left to chance, which is why they focus on every detail, ensuring each product they manufacture is tested for performance and reliability before reaching the market, also backing every device with a one-year warranty.

Three days after the launch, PAX’s Era Pro was named one of the 25 Best Products of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 by TIME. CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics convention, showcases gadgets from small startups to behemoth brands, in every category. Cannabis brands already see a lot of challenges in gaining recognition at CES because their inventions cannot be shown on the main floor, so to be selected as one of the best products is a massive accomplishment and testament to the value of PAX.

“Pax’s newest take on its pocket-friendly vaporizer puts more power in the hands of the consumer, keeping them informed and safe when it comes to cannabis consumption,” a spokesperson from TIME said. “Thanks to its new near-field-communication-equipped (NFC) pods, the Pax Era Pro can share data like strain information, oil content, and state-required test results to your smartphone, providing peace of mind and a more user-friendly experience.”

The Era Pro builds on the classic Era experience, including on-demand draw and closed-loop temperature control, with next-generation features like haptic vibration, longer battery life and 50% improved Bluetooth range. In addition, the new PAXSmartTM technology features NFC-enabled pods that work seamlessly with the Era Pro, allowing for even greater consumer understanding and control over consumption. This technology automates the vape experience and is designed to work with or without the PAX® App, available on Android and web (

Aside from its claim to being the safest vape on the market, the Era Pro is aesthetically-pleasing and discreet, available in four colors (black, silver, jade, and red) with a luxe anodized aluminum shell, laser-cut side slits for improved airflow and a chamfered end cap for seamless portability.

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It also features ExpertTempTM, which automatically adjusts each pod to optimal temperature chosen by the extractor, access to oil content and strain information via the app, and technology that measures dose control so consumers can better understand and personalize their sessions.

“Our customers want a premium cannabis experience, so we’ve reimagined the Era from the inside out to offer a first-of-its-kind device that really delivers on that,” said Jesse Silver, PAX’s Senior Vice President of Product.

“We have taken an obsessive eye to even the smallest of details — like dual pressure sensors or heating coils custom smelted in Sweden — to provide increased safety, access to information and an intuitive, smart experience that elevates the entire cannabis vape category.”

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