Pairing Cannabis With Your Workout Gains

Diana Gonimah
May 16, 2020

Are cannabis and exercise the only things keeping you going in 2020? Have you been working out to look good for your virtual MDW barbecue? Whether you’re an avid runner or you tried yoga for the first time this week, we have the scoop on how to combine the two elements of quarantine you love best.

After all, the Waldos—credited with pioneering 420 celebrations—were a group of high school athletes who met up after school to enjoy cannabis. That said, check out what cannabis product we’ve paired for your workout!

After your sunset yoga flow…

Have you taken advantage of this free sculpt yoga session? Yoga has numerous benefits, challenging us to grow stronger both mentally and physically. You’ll want to relieve your muscles after pushing them to the limits, so before you settle into that Shavasana and call it a night, try one of PLUS’ many flavors of UNWIND edibles. From blackberry-and-lemon gummies to black cherry mints, you’ll find peace of mind with these indica treats.

If you’re practicing yoga before work and want the muscle relief without the relaxing buzz, pair that sun salutation with PLUS’s CBDRelief Tropical Mango 9:1 Gummies, designed to calm your nerves and combat everyday stress, muscle tension, and pain.

Switch gears to recovery mode after strength training

You used to think that trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods years ago was a waste of time and money, since you were rarely home long enough to use the expensive free weights you bought for the apartment. Fast forward to #Quarantine2020, and these weights have become your new best friend and daily workout buddy.

Once you’ve finished your reps for the day and taken that last sip of protein shake, soak in Om Edibles’ Athletic Formula Epsom Salt. Made with premium cannabis flower and essential oils, this relaxing bath soak is ideal for relieving aches, easing insomnia (can’t let the endorphins keep you up late!), recovering from workouts, and elevating your mood without any psychoactive effects.

If you went extra hard on leg day, you might want to try PLUS’ CBDRelief 18:1 Tart Cherry. With 20mg of THC and 360mg of CBD, these all natural gummies are formulated to help reduce everyday pain and post-exercise soreness while delivering a delectable tart cherry flavor.

Run for the hills

Your runner’s high just got even higher with Kikoko’s FOCUS HoneyShots. With less sugar than regular honey, a delicious single serving of New Zealand Kanuka Honey has 6mg CBD and 2mg THC. This 100% compostable packaged honey stick is a natural energy booster that you can indulge as is, or drop in any beverage, snack or dessert.

Have your post-work runs been taking place later and later in the evenings? The endorphins are great, but not when they’re keeping you up late. Don’t lose sleep and check out Atlas’ sleep tea mix. Made with a soothing blend of chamomile and mint, this SLEEP Instant Tea contains 2mg THC and 5mg CBD, giving you a soothing and relaxing night’s rest without the groggy mornings. Top it off with some SNOOZE honey from Kikoko.


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